Perspectives on the expansion of human precision oncology and genomic approaches to sea turtle fibropapillomatosis

Published on Dec 1, 2019
· DOI :10.1038/s42003-019-0301-1
David J. Duffy10
Estimated H-index: 10
(Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience),
Mark Q. Martindale59
Estimated H-index: 59
(Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience)
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Our recent Communications Biology research article revealed the genomic drivers and therapeutic vulnerabilities of sea turtle fibropapillomatosis tumors. Fibropapillomatosis is a debilitating tumorous disease afflicting populations of green sea turtles globally. While a virus is involved in the development of this disease, it is increasingly understood that the key trigger is linked to anthropogenic disturbances of the environment. The specific environmental co-trigger(s) has yet to be functionally confirmed. Here we outline the next steps required to advance our understanding of this enigmatic disease, to enable us to more effectively clinically combat it and to ultimately tackle its environmental co-trigger to halt and hopefully reverse the spread of fibropapillomatosis.
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