Published on Nov 15, 2005in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America9.58
· DOI :10.1073/pnas.0507655102
J. E. Hirsch41
Estimated H-index: 41
(UCSD: University of California, San Diego)
I propose the index h, defined as the number of papers with citation number ≥h, as a useful index to characterize the scientific output of a researcher.
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#1S. Render (LANL: Los Alamos National Laboratory)H-Index: 53
Publicly available data reveal long-term systematic features about citation statistics and how papers are referenced. The data also tell fascinating citation histories of individual articles.
302 CitationsSource
#1Anthony F. J. van Raan (LEI: Leiden University)H-Index: 32
A 'Sleeping Beauty in Science' is a publication that goes unnoticed ('sleeps') for a long time and then, almost suddenly, attracts a lot of attention ('is awakened by a prince'). We here report the -to our knowledge- first extensive measurement of the occurrence of Sleeping Beauties in the science literature. We derived from the measurements an 'awakening' probability function and identified the 'most extreme Sleeping Beauty so far'.
299 CitationsSource
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#1Gizem KorkmazH-Index: 7
#1Gizem Korkmaz (UVA: University of Virginia)
Last. Sallie Keller (UVA: University of Virginia)
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This paper develops methods to estimate the factors that affect the impact of open-source software (OSS), measured by number of downloads, with a study of Python and R packages. The OSS community is characterized by a high level of collaboration and sharing which results in interactions between contributors as well as packages due to reuses. We use data collected from about the development activities of Python and R packages, and generate the dependency and contributor networks. We dev...
#1Yong Gao (USTC: University of Science and Technology of China)
#2Qiang Wu (USTC: University of Science and Technology of China)
Last. Linna Zhu (USTC: University of Science and Technology of China)
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Abstract Merging the citation counts of arXiv-deposited e-prints (arXiv version) with those of their corresponding published journal articles (publisher version) is an important issue in citation analysis. Using examples of arXiv-deposited e-prints, this article adopts a manual approach to investigate the processing methods used by bibliographic repositories such as Google Scholar, Web of Science, Scopus, Astrophysics Data System (ADS), and INSPIRE for the citation merging. Both Google Scholar a...
#1Yuhao Zhou (University of Fribourg)
#2Ruijie Wang (University of Fribourg)
Last. Yi-Cheng Zhang (University of Fribourg)H-Index: 45
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Abstract Evaluating scholars’ achievements is an important problem in the science of science with applications in the evaluation of grant proposals and promotion applications. Since the number of scholars and the number of scholarly outputs grow exponentially with time, well-designed ranking metrics that have the potential to assist in these tasks are of prime importance. To rank scholars, it is important to put their achievements in perspective by comparing them with the achievements of other s...
#1Valerio Ficcadenti (LSBU: London South Bank University)H-Index: 2
#2Roy Cerqueti (LSBU: London South Bank University)H-Index: 10
Last. Gurjeet Dhesi (LSBU: London South Bank University)H-Index: 4
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Abstract This paper deals with a quantitative analysis of the content of official political speeches. We study a set of about one thousand talks pronounced by the US Presidents, ranging from Washington to Trump. In particular, we search for the relevance of the rare words, i.e. those said only once in each speech – the so-called hapaxes. We implement a rank-size procedure of Zipf–Mandelbrot type for discussing the hapaxes’ frequencies regularity over the overall set of speeches. Starting from th...
#1Wei Wang (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)H-Index: 29
#2Jing Ren (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)
Last. Amr Tolba (KSU: King Saud University)H-Index: 11
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Abstract Scientific collaboration is of significant importance in tackling grand challenges and breeding innovations. Despite the increasing interest in investigating and promoting scientific collaborations, we know little about the collaboration sustainability as well as mechanisms behind it. In this paper, we set out to study the relationships between early-stage reciprocity and collaboration sustainability. By proposing and defining h-index reciprocity, we give a comprehensive statistical ana...
#1Hayat Dino (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)H-Index: 1
#2Shuo Yu (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)H-Index: 6
Last. Iftikhar Hussain (USTC: University of Science and Technology of China)
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Abstract Recently most of the scientific studies have involved in a collaboration, team-based, and co-authorship approaches, which lead to knowledge production and high impact research outcomes. Previous studies lack to identify their real influential and productive nodes. We argue that investigating the structure of scientific teams with their leaders is equally essential as of the community structure. We formally define a scientific team leader as the most central member of a team. The propose...
#1Zeke Baker (UC Davis: University of California, Davis)H-Index: 1
#2Julia A. Ekstrom (UC Davis: University of California, Davis)H-Index: 13
Last. Louise BedsworthH-Index: 1
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Abstract Interactions between researchers and practitioners can lead to the increased use of climate science in decision-making. Past studies on these interactions have focused on the information needs of decision-makers, but less is known about why and how climate researchers choose to engage with decision-makers. Understanding the experiences, beliefs and constraints on both sides of the ‘knowledge-action gap’ is critical for implementing robust climate adaptation strategies. This study thus e...
#1Juan Pineiro-Chousa (University of Santiago de Compostela)H-Index: 4
#2M. Ángeles López-Cabarcos (University of Santiago de Compostela)H-Index: 6
Last. Ada María Pérez-Pico (University of Santiago de Compostela)H-Index: 3
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Abstract Innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge have been acknowledged as the basis of economic competiveness and growth, with recent research pointing out the powerful impact of their joint consideration. Specific literature has emerged in the last years suggesting that the three concepts constitute a promising new scholarly discipline. Nevertheless, previous bibliometric studies have highlighted that these three research fields are still mainly developing in a separate manner. The aim of t...
The most commonly used publication metrics for individual researchers are the the total number of publications, the total number of citations, and Hirsch’s h-index. Each of these is cumulative, and...
#1Yulin Tang (Tongji University)H-Index: 19
#2Xin Long (Tongji University)
Last. Susmita Dutta (NIT DGP: National Institute of Technology, Durgapur)H-Index: 8
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Abstract Disinfection is an important part of the drinking water treatment process. Disinfection by-products (DBPs), produced during the disinfection process, can be a threat human health. Based on the Science Citation Index Expanded from the Web of Science, a total of 3570 publications from 1975 to 2018 on DBPs in drinking water were identified to analyse the present status and tendency. The present review article emphasizes the number of publications, highly cited papers, research areas, autho...