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Disordered hyperuniform structures are locally random while uniform like crystals at large length scales. Recently, an exotic hyperuniform fluid state was found in several nonequilibrium systems, while the underlying physics remains unknown. In this work, we propose a nonequilibrium (driven-dissipative) hard-sphere model and formulate a hydrodynamic theory based on Navier–Stokes equations to uncover the general mechanism of the fluidic hyperuniformity (HU). At a fixed density, this model system ...
#1Matteo Pedercini (Millennium Institute)H-Index: 6
#2Steve Arquitt (Millennium Institute)
Last.Hans R. Herren (Millennium Institute)H-Index: 7
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As countries pursue sustainable development across sectors as diverse as health, agriculture, and infrastructure, sectoral policies interact, generating synergies that alter their effectiveness. Identifying those synergies ex ante facilitates the harmonization of policies and provides an important lever to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. However, identifying and quantifying these synergetic interactions are infeasible with traditional approache...
#1Yi-Wei Tsai (AS: Academia Sinica)
#2Hsin-Ho Sung (AS: Academia Sinica)
Last.Cheng-Ting Chien (AS: Academia Sinica)H-Index: 26
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Secreted exosomal microRNAs (miRNAs) mediate interorgan/tissue communications by modulating target gene expression, thereby regulating developmental and physiological functions. However, the source, route, and function in target cells have not been formally established for specific miRNAs. Here, we show that glial miR-274 non-cell-autonomously modulates the growth of synaptic boutons and tracheal branches. Whereas the precursor form of miR-274 is expressed in glia, the mature form of miR-274 dis...
#1Chien-I Yang (California Institute of Technology)
#2Hao-Hsuan Hsieh (California Institute of Technology)
Last.Shu-ou Shan (California Institute of Technology)H-Index: 33
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The nascent polypeptide exit site of the ribosome is a crowded environment where multiple ribosome-associated protein biogenesis factors (RPBs) compete for the nascent polypeptide to influence their localization, folding, or quality control. Here we address how N-terminal methionine excision (NME), a ubiquitous process crucial for the maturation of over 50% of the bacterial proteome, occurs in a timely and selective manner in this crowded environment. In bacteria, NME is mediated by 2 essential ...
#1Harriet C. Fitzgerald (MU: University of Missouri)
#2Pramod Dhakal (MU: University of Missouri)
Last.Thomas E. Spencer (MU: University of Missouri)H-Index: 85
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The human endometrium is essential in providing the site for implantation and maintaining the growth and survival of the conceptus. An unreceptive endometrium and disrupted maternal−conceptus interactions can cause infertility due to pregnancy loss or later pregnancy complications. Despite this, the role of uterine glands in first trimester human pregnancy is little understood. An established organoid protocol was used to generate and comprehensively analyze 3-dimensional endometrial epithelial ...
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