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#1Tarik DogruH-Index: 7
#2Lydia HanksH-Index: 14
Last.Ercan Sirakaya-TurkH-Index: 11
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#1Jaume Rosselló (Griffith University)
#2Susanne Becken (Griffith University)H-Index: 30
Last.María Santana-GallegoH-Index: 13
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Tourism is shaped by a wide range of factors and forces, including exogenous ones that have no direct link with the tourism sector. Natural disasters and unexpected events are prime examples of such determining factors, as they have profound effects on individuals and society, and as a result have the potential to affect tourism flows considerably. Several theoretical arguments exist why natural disasters and unexpected events could influence tourist destination choices. However, empirical resea...
#1Ankita Sharma (JIIT: Jaypee Institute of Information Technology)
#2Swati Sharma (JIIT: Jaypee Institute of Information Technology)H-Index: 2
Last.Monica Chaudhary (JIIT: Jaypee Institute of Information Technology)H-Index: 4
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Abstract Digital technology provides new communication and distribution channel for both consumers and suppliers of travel services. Internet enables the travel agencies to adopt digital marketing to attract, inform and serve the travellers. However, in developing countries, the adoption of internet and digital marketing is slow. This study therefore finds it imperative to explore the triggering factors and perceived challenges of digital marketing by travel agencies - an entity whose perspectiv...
#1Nan Hua (UCF: University of Central Florida)H-Index: 13
#2Agnes L. DeFranco (UH: University of Houston)H-Index: 16
Last.JeAnna Abbott (UH: University of Houston)H-Index: 8
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Abstract A management company takes care of the day-to-day operations of a hotel and thus has a great amount of influence on the hotel's financial performance. Adopting models from O’Neill, Hanson, and Matilla (2008) and Hua, Morosan, and DeFranco (2015), a set of empirical models, with same-store data from 1471 hotels from 2011 through 2017, was used to test the impact of the total management fee and its subset of the base management fee and the incentive management fee on the hotels' rooms rev...
#1Veronica Leoni (UIB: University of the Balearic Islands)
Abstract This paper analyses the determinants of listings' survival on peer-to-peer marketplaces. Working on a dataset of Airbnb listings in Ibiza, we implement survival analysis to estimate the relationship between listings' key attributes and the probability to leave the platform. In addition, we highlight the importance of user-generated content to reduce the asymmetry of information and prevent adverse selection. Results confirm that listings' characteristics, location, degree of local compe...
#1Kaique Brito Silva (State University of Campinas)H-Index: 1
#2Jonatas Batista Mattos (UFBA: Federal University of Bahia)H-Index: 2
Abstract Water resources and tourism need to be thought of in an integrated way, in order to provide urban planners and tourism managers with tools to promote water security and water equity. The objective of this paper was to apply an index capable of identify problems at the water-tourism interface, based on a spatial approach in GIS, meant to support the management of groundwater quality in tourist destinations. This index was applied to a tourist destination in northeastern Brazil, which use...
Abstract This study seeks to compare the management styles of local and foreign hotel chains operating in Turkey from a cultural dimensions perspective. It aims to build a link between cultural values and management styles. The data was collected through conducting survey with 596 mid-level and senior managers working in 101 foreign and 66 domestic hotel chains operating in Turkey. The empirical results confirm that there are similarities in all the supervision style, decision-making, communicat...
#1Noel Kelly (CIT: Cork Institute of Technology)
#2Felicity Kelliher (WIT: Waterford Institute of Technology)H-Index: 10
Last.Patrick Lynch (WIT: Waterford Institute of Technology)H-Index: 8
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Abstract This paper explores the role of adaptive capability development among micro-tourism owner-managers (OMs) in pursuit of the niche potential of the evolving senior tourism market. We discuss strategic adaptive capability development in a tourism micro-firm environment, prior to outlining the research context and adopted interview method used to elicit OM views. Findings indicate that limited human resources impede the level of adaptive capability engagement in micro-tourism firms, whereby...
#1Dora Agapito (IBS: International Business School, Germany)
#1Ye Shen (U of G: University of Guelph)H-Index: 2
#2Hwansuk Chris Choi (U of G: University of Guelph)H-Index: 9
Last.Sunghwan Yi (U of G: University of Guelph)
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Abstract Destinations have offered diverse gamified trips in the last 10 years. However, there is a lack of understanding on what motivates visitors to participate in such a trip. As one of the first attempts to examine visitors' motivations for taking a gamified trip, this paper conceptualizes and categorizes gamified trips, explores reasons for liking or disliking them, proposes 34 travel motivations, and categorizes players of these trips into six types, including knowledge collectors, reward...
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