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#1Evan Smith (BSU: Boise State University)H-Index: 1
#2Srečo D. ŠkapinH-Index: 20
Last. Rick Ubic (BSU: Boise State University)H-Index: 22
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Abstract Although most commercial perovskite ceramics contain oxygen vacancies, whether intrinsic or extrinsic, few correlative models currently exist to predict their effects on crystal structure or local crystallochemistry. Such predictive models, derived from empirical relationships between synthesis and structural data, can significantly facilitate future research and development. In this work, eight compositions within the CaTi1-xFexO3-x/2 system and eleven compositions within the SrTi1-xFe...
#1Haipeng ChenH-Index: 6
#2Haiyan XiaoH-Index: 1
Last. Xun FengH-Index: 2
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Abstract Unlike temperature-controlled hydrogenation for synthesizing hydrogen storage materials, reactive milling of Mg crystal under hydrogen atmosphere for MgH2 synthesis is often uncontrollable. For the first time, we try to understand the preparation of MgH2 during the reactive ball milling in the perspective of energy conversion and structural evolution. High-energy ball milling can lead to basal slip of Mg crystal, which is controlled to disclose Mg(0001), thus further to enhance its hydr...
#1Pengyu Yan (USTB: University of Science and Technology Beijing)H-Index: 1
#2Weimin Mao (USTB: University of Science and Technology Beijing)H-Index: 2
Last. Yabo Liu (USTB: University of Science and Technology Beijing)
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Abstract The microstructural evolution, segregation behavior and fracture mechanism of the hypereutectic A390 alloy prepared by Rheo-HPDC processing with Sr-modifier were investigated by morphology analysis and electron probe microanalysis technique (EPMA). The results indicate that the Rheo-HPDC processing with Sr-modifier can simultaneously refine the primary Si particles (PSPs) and modify the eutectic Si. Strontium reduces the formation tendency of α-Al dendritic halo around the PSPs by narro...
#1Jiangsheng Huang (AHPU: Anhui Polytechnic University)H-Index: 1
#2Changlian Chen (WIT: Wuhan Institute of Technology)H-Index: 3
Last. Song Chen (WIT: Wuhan Institute of Technology)
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Abstract Using Sr(NO3)2, NaH2PO4 and urea as the raw starting materials, under the induction of anionic/cationic surfactants (sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (SDBS) and dodecy dimethyl benzyl ammonium bromide (DDBAB)), strontium hydroxyapatite (SrHAp) crystals with different morphology were successfully synthesized at low temperature (85 °C). The XRD patterns analysis showed that both surfactants could induce the growth of pure SrHAp crystals. The SEM images showed that the SrHAp crystals grew ...
Abstract In the present paper, the results of combined theoretical and experimental investigation of small non-stoichiometric bromine-doped potassium clusters are reported. Potassium-bromide clusters were obtained by the Knudsen cell combined with surface ionization in the temperature range of 1000–1600 K, and selected by a magnetic sector mass spectrometer. Positive ions of KnBr (n = 3–6) and KnBrn-1 (n = 3–5) clusters were detected for the first time in one set measurement. In order to reveal ...
#1Dachuan Jiang (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)H-Index: 11
#2Xu Li (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)H-Index: 1
Last. H.M. Noor ul Huda Khan Asghar (Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences)H-Index: 4
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Abstract The recycling of Si scraps has become a serious concern in the industry because of the increasing amount of Si waste generated during ingot production. In this work, an operative method is proposed to process Si scraps and separate SiC from Si by coupling electromagnetic field melting with Al/SiC wetting and interaction. This method yields an inclusion-free SiC particle-enriched region that tends to migrate to the top of ingots with increasing melting time. A micron-grade SiC-rich layer...
#1Jia-Lin Xu (NU: Northeastern University)
#2Long Liu (NU: Northeastern University)H-Index: 1
Last. Qiang Sun (NU: Northeastern University)H-Index: 4
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Abstract Ni3S2 has become a promising anode material for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) due to its favorable electrochemical conversion reaction, high theoretical specific capacity, and low cost. In this work, a nanoflake-assembled Ni-doped Ni3S2 sheet-like nanocomposite (Ni3S2–Ni–NF) was constructed using graphene oxide as the structure-directing agent by a simple two-step solvothermal reaction. The design of nanoflake subunit, sheet-like morphology, and Ni-doped Ni3S2 nanocomposite gains great p...
#1Bruna Callegari (USP: University of São Paulo)H-Index: 3
#2Katherine Aristizabal (Saarland University)H-Index: 3
Last. Haroldo Cavalcanti Pinto (USP: University of São Paulo)H-Index: 12
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Abstract The impact of starting microstructure on the isothermal behavior of β-metastable Ti–5Al–5Mo–5V–3Cr alloy during aging at 400 °C for 8 h was studied by means of in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction. Results show that prior deformation does not accelerate phase precipitation during heating, but has an influence on secondary α precipitation during aging, and that the composition of the β matrix, which is affected by the amount of primary α formed depending on the preliminary processing ro...
#2Sirong YuH-Index: 5
Last. Enyang LiuH-Index: 3
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Abstract To obtain low density degradable materials used as degradable fracturing balls and bridge plugs applied to the unconventional oil and gas exploitation, the HGM/Mg alloy degradable composites with various amounts of hollow glass microspheres (HGMs) were manufactured using the stir casting method. The effects of the HGMs addition on the microstructures, mechanical properties and degradation behaviors of the composites were investigated. The results indicate that the density of the composi...
#2Nabi UllahH-Index: 4
Last. Jimin XieH-Index: 29
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Abstract The fabrication of highly active and environmentally friendly electrocatalysts for both oxygen and hydrogen evolution reactions is essential for the improvement of energy generation. In this study, a one-pot synthesis of boron-doped carbon-enclosed Ni3Fe nanoparticles with bifunctional activity for oxygen and hydrogen evolution reactions is reported. The as-fabricated Ni3Fe@BC displays higher OER and HER electrochemical activities in an alkaline media, thereby suggesting a synergy betwe...
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