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Digital Watermarking is the efficient way introduced to authenticate ownership of digital information. In a watermarking system, a logo is inserted to identify the ownership to digital information. The proposed system uses the SWT with SVD to embed the watermark image. To enhance robustness of the proposed system PSO is adapted for the selection of optimal coefficients. PSNR and CC are the two performance parameters considered to evaluate the system.
This paper is about preparation of silicone rubber (SiR) samples with different filler for high-voltage insulation purpose. The fillers used were silica from waste glass, calcium carbonate from cockle shell, silica/calcium carbonate and wollastonite. All the fillers were crushed into powder and undergo internal mixer and hot press as a material preparation. It was expected that the combination of filler with silicone rubber would give better result when experiencing ageing process. The direct cu...
Code words traditional can be decoding when applied in artificial neural network. Nevertheless, explored rarely for encoding of artificial neural network so that it proposed encoder for artificial neural network forward with major structure built by Self Organizing Feature Map (SOFM).According to number of bits codeword and bits source mentioned the dimension of forward neural network at first then sets weight of distribution proposal choosing after that algorithm appropriate using for sets weig...
Antennas are long used for communication of data since a century and their usage has been diversified over the past two decades and the antennas also entered the domain of medical fields. A rectangular microstrip patch antenna has been designed on a substrate integrated waveguide with frequency selective surface which is in the shape of a square. The design of this antenna with SIW are done by using CST on a low cost FR4 substrate where є r =4.4, h=1.58 mm and tan δ=0.0035. The SIW structure mer...
Green roof system is one of sustainable approach for energy consumption reduction and improving the aesthetic value of the built environment. The system has been adopted by most of developed countries; and in Malaysia, research on green roof studies are quite evolving however the implementation of the system is slow due to some perceptions and obstacles. Green roof has potential on providing benefits such as reduction on the urban heat island effect, reduces temperatures, pollution and improves ...
The importance of energy conservation in our contemporary world cannot be overemphasized, efficient utilization of energy has significant impact in improving economy at all levels of human endeavour. No doubt, adequate and appropriate utilization of energy especially electrical energy boosts up any organizational developmental activities. Recently, research interest has emphasis towards efficient energy utilization and energy conservation as the effective means of reducing energy consumption in ...
Robust known the exceedingly famed NP-hard problem in combinatorial optimization is the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP), promoting the skillful algorithms to get the solution of TSP have been the burden for several scholars. For inquiring global optimal solution, the presented algorithm hybridizes genetic and local search algorithm to take out the uplifted quality results. The genetic algorithm gives the best individual of population by enhancing both cross over and mutation operators while loc...
This paper describes the design and development of a measuring tool using a mobile robot. At present, contractors are measuring distances using measuring tape which has few limitations. This includes using of another manpower or a marking flag. The Robot Measuring System is designed to measure distances at multiple conditions such as smooth and rough surface. An optical quadrature encoder is used as a sensor to measure the distances while a program is installed in Arduino Uno for reading and dat...
Shortest job first task scheduling algorithm allocates task based on the length of the task, i.e the task that will have small execution time will be scheduled first and the longer tasks will be executed later based on system availability. Min- Min algorithm will schedule short tasks parallel and long tasks will follow them. Short tasks will be executed until the system is free to schedule and execute longer tasks. Task Particle optimization model can be used for allocating the tasks in the netw...
In several aspects, interest in IoT has become considerable by researchers and academics in recent years. Data security becomes one of the important challenges facing development of IoT environment. Many algorithms were proposed to secure the IoT applications. The traditional public key cryptographic are inappropriate because it requires high computational. Therefore, lattice-based public-key cryptosystem (LB-PKC) is a favorable technique for IoT security. NTRU is one of a LB-PKC that based on t...
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