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Transformations in the delivery of health care from hospital to community have brought about many changes in nursing practice. These, in turn, have necessitated alterations in the education of nursing students, the curricula, and clinical experiences. Confident that nursing is an independent practice, exclusive of the health care setting, our faculty decided to direct our teaching efforts to reflect changes in health care delivery. We restructured our baccalaureate nursing program's senior level...
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Abstract To know is not to know how to teach. Often we find that those who are most knowledgeable about a particular subject are not those who are best equipped to communicate that knowledge to others. Think of the classic stereotype — the “scientist” who works alone in the laboratory, talking only to himself, because, he feels, only he will understand. Sometimes we find this same situation in the classrooms in our schools of nursing.
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Abstract In another life I must have been a horticulturist, a painter, a dancer, or perhaps even a concert pianist. Whatever I was, it was an intense artistic and creative experience. I keep searching for that other side of self, hoping that the other side of my brain will be saved from atrophy. I keep going against the deep and intense training I had as a scientist, searching for what is less particularistic, less specialized in its minute microscopic dissection of variables and causative searc...
Abstract The 21st edition of the Interagency Council on Information Resources for Nursing's biennial list is presented as a resource for collection development and for use in locating nursing information. The list includes print, multimedia, and electronic sources to support nursing practice, education, administration, and research activities.The editors have made a concerted effort to include the most recent editions of titles in print and to evaluate electronic sources. Price, publisher, and s...
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Abstract NOW NEARLY A DECADE OLD, the original Pew Health Professions Commission Competencies have stood up well to the test of time. The competencies were designed to provide all health professionals, from physicians to physical therapists, with a general guide to the values, skills, and knowledge they would need to be successful in the health care system that was beginning to emerge in the late 1980s. They have been used across the range of health professions and in many practice settings to c...
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Abstract Genetics advances and their clinical applications have created a new era in health care. As a result of the Human Genome Project, initiated in 1991 as a collaborative effort of the National Institutes of Health, the National Center for Human Genome Research, and the Department of Energy, there is a new understanding among health care professionals regarding the role of genetics in health and illness.
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Abstract The great depression of the 1930s had a devastating effect on the nursing profession. Conditions changed rapidly as clinics and public hospitals became overcrowded and public health agencies were swamped with requests to serve a society in need (1). In voluntary hospitals, nurse unemployment soared as private duty nurses found themselves no longer in demand. Concerned with the gravity of the situation, the Committee on the Distribution of Nursing Services, comprised of representatives o...
Abstract In May, we will once again celebrate nursing and nurses. Our annual Nurses Week celebration coincides with the birth month of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern secular nursing. I believe that during this period of rapid change, it is particularly important that we remain centered on, make visible, and celebrate the core values of nursing. Florence Nightingale provided us with a framework, relevant today, for speaking explicitly about our values and the essential features of nu...
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Abstract A southeastern university school of nursing responded to a request by a local housing authority to provide nursing care and health promotion to the residents of three high-rise complexes for independent living for seniors. This service-learning partnership offers differing educational benefits to graduate and undergraduate nursing students while helping residents remain as well as possible.
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Abstract FOR ALL OF US, LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. We have learned a difficult lesson about the fragility of life. Together, we have cried, prayed, hugged, and screamed. Many of us have been on the scenes of the disasters, as workers and volunteers, taking blood, providing trauma care, and listening to the tears and fears of the many victims and their families and friends.
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