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High-precision geomagnetic field model is the key to magnetic anomaly detection and localization technology. The model is usually constructed through Kriging interpolation. Aiming at the problem of insufficient fitting of variogram in the existing Kriging interpolation methods, this paper proposes a particle swarm optimization algorithm with an adaptive compression factor (ACFPSO). The algorithm utilizes the degree of particle aggregation and the number of iterations to dynamically change the co...
In the compensated pulsed alternator, the slotless armature winding and internal rotor structure with electric excitation are usually adopted. The above structure can effectively reduce the air gap leakage and has the simple structure, but it exhibits such disadvantages that the armature winding is difficult to disperse the heat and to be fixed, the shielding element is easy to deform due to the centrifugal force in the discharge process, and both reversing device and energy storage flywheel nee...
This paper addresses the pricing and coordination strategy in a green supply chain in which a manufacturer produces a green product and sells it to a risk-averse retailer. The product’s demand is a random variable influenced by the green level and the retail price. The problem is modeled in three different structures, a centralized and two decentralized models, in which the upstream manufacturer and the downstream retailer act as the channel leader, respectively. This paper presents the optimal ...
This paper proposes and investigates a problem of preview tracking control for a class of continuous-time singular interconnected systems. Firstly, the related items are deleted to obtain several isolated subsystems with low dimensions. An error system is constructed for each isolated subsystem so that the tracking error is included in the state vector of the error system; then, the tracking problem is transformed into a regulation problem. Secondly, the preview tracking controller is designed f...
Product evaluation practices spread throughout from initial creative stages to final products before communicating them to the market. They emphasize on assessing design alternatives against specified criteria, which can help promote design process, ensure design quality, and diminish design risk before making a decision. However, how to identify and improve the reliability of product evaluation opinions toward design alternatives has an important role in adding additional insurance and reducing...
Aspect-based sentiment analysis (ABSA) is a fine-grained sentiment analysis technology. In recent years, neural networks are widely used to extract features of aspects and contexts and proven to have a dramatic improvement in retrieving the sentiment feature from comments. However, due to the increasing complexity of comment information, only considering sentence or word features, respectively, may cause the loss of key text information. Besides, characters have more microscopic features, so the...
A novel modified adaptive neurofuzzy inference system with smoothing treatment (MANFIS) is proposed. The MANFIS model considered the smoothing treatment of initial data basing on the adaptive neurofuzzy inference system, and we used it to predict oilfield-increased production under the well stimulation. Numerical experiments show the prediction result of the novel considering smoothing treatment is better than that without smoothing treatment. This study provides a novel and feasible method for ...
The instability of dams will bring immeasurable personal and property losses to the downstream, so it has always been a trendy topic worthy of investigation. Currently, the rigid body limit equilibrium method is the most commonly used method for the dynamic stability analysis of dams. However, under the action of earthquakes, the instability of the integral dam-foundation system threatens the safety of the dams and is of great concern. In this paper, a stability analysis method that can reflect ...
The pose estimation of the aircraft in the airport plays an important role in preventing collisions and constructing the real-time scene of the airport. However, current airport target surveillance methods regard the aircraft as a point, neglecting the importance of pose estimation. Inspired by human pose estimation, this paper presents an aircraft pose estimation method based on a convolutional neural network through reconstructing the two-dimensional skeleton of an aircraft. Firstly, the key p...
This study mainly establishes a novel intelligent assessment model for peak shear strength of rock joints based on the relevance vector machine (RVM). RVM is a state-of-the-art soft computing technique that has been rarely utilized in joint shear strength assessment. To establish the hybrid intelligent model, three-dimensional scanning tests and direct shear tests on 36 granite joint specimens were conducted. The peak shear strength ratio () is perceived as an explanation of four types of influe...
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