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The wireless sensor networks are complicated wireless networks.The wireless sensor networks contain a large of network nodes.The network nodes are the foundation of wireless sensor networks.In order to study complicated wireless sensor network,the wireless sensor network node was described with neuron and the wireless sensor network was described with neural network.The neural networks model of wireless networks was given in the paper and u...
This article has summarized the development course of wireless local area network security techno-logy,and through elaborating the shortcomings of lineate local area network,it has verified the superiority of wireless local area network.Based on this development course,this paper briefly narrated and explained the technology which wireless local network security domain used,as well as the realization process of each kind of technology.
Li Hao1
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ZigBee is a group of technology standard based on 802.15.4 wireless standard which has been authorized by IEEE.It is used in the field of network construction,security and application software.The paper introduces the concept,characteristic and protocol architecture of ZigBee technology first.Then,the paper discusses on the application of ZigBee technology on this basis.Finally,the trend of its development is predicted.
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Algorithms traditionally used in the design of wireless networks are based on simplified geometric models of the networks and are characteristically slow. Moreover, they poorly represent the intricacies of wireless technology and complexities of geography. Network layouts designed with these methods are not very accurate and require repeated manual corrections. The paper describes a new network design algorithm based on the paradigm of natural evolution. The proposed algorithm is f...
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Tang Xue-qin1
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As the increasing development of Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN), the security issues become more and more noticeable. First the security requirement of WLAN is introduced based on the characteristic of WLAN channel, and then the principle of Wired Equivalent Privacy(WEP) protocol of IEEE802.11 WLAN standard is presented, and the existing security weakness of WEP protocol and corresponding attacks are also (analyzed), finally some improved schemes to these weakness and attacks are propo...
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Zinaida Benenson11
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Erik-Oliver Blaß7
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Felix C. Freiling27
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Li Xiao-yang1
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As the development of network and communication technology the demand of wireless communication from home users grows with each passing day.WiFi with its unique advantages is universal recognition and shows its great potential applications.This article simple introduced the meaning of WiFi and its histoty,it shows the details of WiFi from its characteristics and technological advantages,compared WiFi with cable network.At last it discussed on the future of WiFi.
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The user increases around the WiBro and in which the mobile broad band service is the wireless internet base technology HSDPA,that is the cellular...
Youngki Hwang2
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Salim Hariri25
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TCP/IP over ATM over poor quality links is known to fail catastrophically. It mainly comes from the fact that TCP incorrectly assumes loss or corruption of data to be due to network congestion, and that TCP reacts inappropriately based on its congestion control mechanism. One of the main issues emerging in satellite networks is the efficient and assured delivery of data. In this paper, a Service Specific Coordination Function for Transparent Assured Delivery with AAL5 (SSCF-TADA5) is described. ...
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Zhang Lili3
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Vehicular ad hoc networks(VANETs) have emerged recently as a platform to support intelligent inter-vehicle communication and improve traffic safety and performance.High mobility and power source of the vehicles,and the emergence of roadside wireless infrastructures effect VANETs,thus the networks change frequently and become so complicated.This paper analyzes the statistical characteristic,and provides a theoretical reference to the development of the complex network theory.