Children's emotions and moods : developmental theory and measurement

Published on Jan 1, 1983
Michael Lewis77
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Linda Michalson7
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This b~ok represents the culmination of a decade of research by these authors to develop a system of measurement of individual differences in children's emotions and moods. Along the way, they discovered the need -to generate a comprehensive theory of emotional development. They met the challenge in this volume through a systematic structural analysis of the components of emotion, and by basing their interpretation of emotional behavior on a behavior-by-situation analysis in a naturalistic setting, a day care center. The book has 12 chapters, of which the first 8 are devoted to a comprehensive review of the research on emotion and to the authors' formulation of their own theory of emotional development. The last 4 chapters describe the construction of their Scales of Socioemotional Development and the results of their study of individual differences in patterns of emotion among children in the first 3 years of life. Lewis and Michalson devote their first five chapters to the examination of what emotion is and how it relates to mood and personality characteristics. In order to do this, they break the structure of emotion down into five major components: elicitors, receptors, states, expressions, and experiences. Physiological, cognitive, and motivational theories and approaches to the study of emotion are thoroughly reviewed. Although the first five chapters are neces~ sary groundwork for the rest of the book, they are not as interesting to read as the last seven chapters which are specifically oriented to studies with children. Although the authors are careful to discuss the importance of biological factors . (temperament and cognitive abilities), they emphasize socialization as a force in emotional development, devoting Chapters 6 and 7 to this topic. These two chapters are extremely interesting. They present fascinating results from very creative studies done by both these authors and other
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