Aberrant Expression of RAD52, Its Prognostic Impact in Rectal Cancer and Association with Poor Survival of Patients.

Published on Mar 4, 2020in International Journal of Molecular Sciences4.183
· DOI :10.3390/IJMS21051768
Vincent T. Ho71
Estimated H-index: 71
Liping Chung3
Estimated H-index: 3
+ 9 AuthorsTara L. Roberts14
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The DNA damage response enables cells to survive and maintain genome integrity. RAD52 is a DNA-binding protein involved in the homologous recombination in DNA repair, and is important for the maintenance of tumour genome integrity. We investigated possible correlations between RAD52 expression and cancer survival and response to preoperative radiotherapy. RAD52 expression was examined in tumour samples from 179 patients who underwent surgery for rectal cancer, including a sub-cohort of 40 patients who were treated with neoadjuvant therapy. A high score for RAD52 expression in the tumour centre was significantly associated with worse disease-free survival (DFS; p = 0.045). In contrast, reduced RAD52 expression in tumour centre samples from patients treated with neoadjuvant therapy (n = 40) significantly correlated with poor DFS (p = 0.025) and overall survival (OS; p = 0.048). Our results suggested that RAD52 may have clinical value as a prognostic marker of tumour response to neoadjuvant radiation and both disease-free status and overall survival in patients with rectal cancer.
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Radiation sensitive 52 (RAD52) is an important protein that mediates DNA repair in tumors. However, little is known about the impact of RAD52 on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). We investigated the expression of RAD52 and its values in HCC. Some proteins that might be coordinated with RAD52 in HCC were also analyzed. Global RAD52 mRNA levels in HCC were assessed using The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) database. RAD52 expression was analyzed in 70 HCC tissues and adjacent tissues by quantitative real...
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Summary Sensing of cytoplasmic DNA by cyclic guanosine monophosphate-adenosine monophosphate (cGAMP) synthase (cGAS) results in production of the dinucleotide cGAMP and consecutive activation of stimulator of interferon genes (STING) followed by production of type I interferon (IFN). Although cancer cells contain supra-normal concentrations of cytoplasmic DNA, they rarely produce type I IFN spontaneously. This suggests that defects in the DNA-sensing pathway may serve as an immune escape mechani...
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STING (stimulator of IFN genes) signaling is an innate immune pathway for induction of a spontaneous antitumor T-cell response against certain immunogenic tumors. Although antigen-presenting cells are known to be involved in this process, insight into the participation of tumor cell–intrinsic STING signaling remains weak. In this study, we find diversity in the regulation of STING signaling across a panel of human melanoma cell lines. We show that intact activation of STING signaling in a subset...
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Intra-tumor heterogeneity is one of the biggest challenges in cancer treatment today. Here we investigate tissue-wide gene expression heterogeneity throughout a multifocal prostate cancer using the spatial transcriptomics (ST) technology. Utilizing a novel approach for deconvolution, we analyze the transcriptomes of nearly 6750 tissue regions and extract distinct expression profiles for the different tissue components, such as stroma, normal and PIN glands, immune cells and cancer. We distinguis...
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Last. Salma K. Jabbour (RU: Rutgers University)H-Index: 19
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Rectal cancer predominantly affects patients older than 70 years, with peak incidence at age 80 to 85 years. However, the standard treatment paradigm for rectal cancer oftentimes cannot be feasibly applied to these patients owing to frailty or comorbid conditions. There are currently little information and no treatment guidelines to help direct therapy for patients who are elderly and/or have significant comorbidities, because most are not included or specifically studied in clinical trials. Mor...
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Homology-directed repair (HDR) maintains genomic integrity by eliminating lesions such as DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs), interstrand crosslinks (ICLs) and stalled replication forks and thus a deficiency in HDR is associated with genomic instability and cancer predisposition. The mechanism of HDR is best understood and most rigorously characterized in yeast. The inactivation of the fungal radiation sensitive 52 (RAD52) gene, which has both recombination mediator and single-strand annealing (SSA...
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