Basics of Phoniatrics

Published on Jan 1, 2020
· DOI :10.1007/978-3-662-46780-0_1
Lisa Bartha-Doering3
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(Medical University of Vienna),
Peter Birkholz12
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(TUD: Dresden University of Technology)
+ 19 AuthorsJürgen Wendler2
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This historical review covers the scientific background of the discipline as reflected in documents from antiquity, the Renaissance, the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries and the twentieth century up to present times.
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Previous studies demonstrated that there is a significant change in speaking fundamental frequency after testosterone therapy in female-to-male gender dysphoric individuals. It is yet an open question how the satisfaction with voice alteration can be predicted because until now it is not clear whether a testosterone therapy is sufficiently effective. The aim of the current study was not only to measure satisfaction with voice, but additionally to detect factors that predict or explain satisfacti...
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Last. Robert J. Zatorre (Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital)H-Index: 99
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Skill learning results in changes to brain function, but at the same time individuals strongly differ in their abilities to learn specific skills. Using a 6-week piano-training protocol and preand post-fMRI of melody perception and imagery in adults, we dissociate learning-related patterns of neural activity frompre-training activity that predicts learning rates. Fronto-parietal and cerebellar areas related to storage of newly learned auditory-motor associations increased their response followin...
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Last. Christian Dobel (WWU: University of Münster)H-Index: 4
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The cortical correlates of speech and music perception are essentially overlapping, and the specific effects of different types of training on these networks remain unknown. We compared two groups of vocally trained professionals for music and speech, singers and actors, using recited and sung rhyme sequences from German art songs with semantic and/ or prosodic/melodic violations (i.e. violations of pitch) of the last word, in order to measure the evoked activation in a magnetoencephalographic (...
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#1Gregory HickokH-Index: 50
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Neurobiology of Language explores the study of language, a field that has seen tremendous progress in the last two decades. Key to this progress is the accelerating trend toward integration of neurobiological approaches with the more established understanding of language within cognitive psychology, computer science, and linguistics. This volume serves as the definitive reference on the neurobiology of language, bringing these various advances together into a single volume of 100 concise entries...
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#1Mark H. JohnsonH-Index: 79
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Book synopsis: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 4th Edition, is a revised and updated edition of the landmark text focusing on the development of brain and behaviour during infancy, childhood, and adolescence. Offers a comprehensive introduction to all issues relating to the nature of brain-behaviour relationships and development New or greatly expanded coverage of topics such as epigenetics and gene expression, cell migration and stem cells, sleep and learning/memory, socioeconomic status ...
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#1Andrea LanfranchiH-Index: 1
Das vorliegende Buch basiert auf empirischem Material, ist lesefreundlich und praxistauglich. Eingangs findet sich eine Skizzierung des Gegenstands: "Der Begriff der Fruhforderung behinderter und von Behinderung bedrohter Kinder bezeichnet ein komplexes System fruher Hilfen von der Geburt bis zum Schuleintritt. Es umfasst Diagnostik, Therapie und padagogische Forderung der Kinder ebenso wie Beratung, Anleitung und Unterstutzung der Eltern." (S. 7) Im Zentrum der Ausfuhrungen stehen die zuletzt g...
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#1Romi ZäskeH-Index: 9
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Last. Stefan R. SchweinbergerH-Index: 48
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Listeners can recognize familiar human voices from variable utterances, suggesting the acquisition of speech-invariant voice representations during familiarization. However, the neurocognitive mechanisms mediating learning and recognition of voices from natural speech are currently unknown. Using electrophysiology, we investigated how representations are formed during intentional learning of initially unfamiliar voices that were later recognized among novel voices. To probe the acquisition of sp...
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Background Hearing disorders have been associated with occupational exposure to music. Musicians may benefit from non-amplified and low-intensity music, but may also have high risks of music-induced hearing loss. Aims To compare the incidence of hearing loss (HL) and its subentities in professional musicians with that in the general population. Methods We performed a historical cohort study among insurants between 19 and 66 years who were employed subject to social insurance contributions. The s...
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AbstractSpeech-language pathologists play important roles in supporting people to be competent communicators in the languages of their communities. However, with over 7000 languages spoken throughout the world and the majority of the global population being multilingual, there is often a mismatch between the languages spoken by children and families and their speech-language pathologists. This paper provides insights into service provision for multilingual children within an English-dominant cou...
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Prelingually deafened children with cochlear implants stand a good chance of developing satisfactory speech performance. Nevertheless, their eventual language performance is highly variable and not fully explainable by the duration of deafness and hearing experience. In this study, two groups of cochlear implant users (CI groups) with very good basic hearing abilities but non-overlapping speech performance (very good or very bad speech performance) were matched according to hearing age and age a...
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