Array of Metabolites in Italian Hericium erinaceus Mycelium, Primordium, and Sporophore.

Published on Sep 27, 2019in Molecules3.06
· DOI :10.3390/molecules24193511
Federica Corana8
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Valentina Cesaroni3
Estimated H-index: 3
+ 8 AuthorsPaola Rossi28
Estimated H-index: 28
Hericium erinaceus is a medicinal mushroom that contains many molecules promising a plethora of therapeutic properties. In this study, the strain H.e.2 (MicUNIPV, University of Pavia, Italy) was isolated from a sporophore collected in Tuscany (Italy). Mycelium, primordium, and wild type and cultivated sporophores were analyzed by HPLC-UV-ESI/MS. Erinacine A in the mycelium and hericenones C and D in the sporophores were quantified by comparison with their standard molecules. For the first time, H. erinaceus primordium was also investigated for the presence of these molecules. Comparing with the literature data, hericenes, molecules structurally similar to hericenones, were present in all our samples. The highest contents of hericenones C and D were detected in cultivated sporophores, compared to the wild type. The comparison of these data with those of another Italian H. erinaceus strain (H.e.1 MicUNIPV) was discussed. The results led us to select H. erinaceus strains more suitable for mycelium production or sporophore cultivation to obtain extracts with a higher content of bioactive compounds. This work provides a further step towards standardizing the procedures in the development of dietary supplements made from mushrooms.
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Abstract We report the syntheses and neuroprotective activities of hericenes and their derivatives against endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress-dependent cell death. Four natural products, including hericenes A−C and hericenol A, and five synthetic derivatives were synthesized and their protective activities were evaluated. In designing the synthetic derivatives, we focused on the binding position of the fatty chain. Hericenes B and C showed moderate protective activity against thapsigargin-induced...
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The lignicolous macrofungus Perenniporia fraxinea has drawn increased attention due to its role as a pathogen of ornamentals in urban sites. The present study investigated the bioaccumulation of heavy metals by P. fraxinea. Sporophores were collected from urban and suburban areas in Pavia (Northern Italy) and analyzed for metals content (Cd, Hg, Pb, Ni, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn) by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer and inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy, after microwav...
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Hericium erinaceus (Bull.) Pers. is a medicinal mushroom capable of inducing a large number of modulatory effects on human physiology ranging from the strengthening of the immune system to the improvement of cognitive functions. In mice, dietary supplementation with H. erinaceus prevents the impairment of spatial short-term and visual recognition memory in an Alzheimer model. Intriguingly other neurobiological effects have recently been reported like the effect on neurite outgrowth and different...
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Abstract Ethnopharmacological relevance Hericium ernaceus has been traditionally used for the treatment of dyspepsia, gastric ulcer and enervation in traditional Chinese medicine for a long time. Aim of the study To examine the effect of Hericium strains on their ability to inhibit LPS and interferon-γ induced NO production in cell culture and the bioassay correlation of hericenone C, D, F, isolated from H. ernaceus . Materials and methods Hericenone C, D, F were isolated from H. ernaceus by ope...
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The culinary and medicinal mushroom Hericium erinaceus is widely consumed in Asian countries, but apparently not in the United States, for its nutritional and health benefits. To stimulate broader interest in the reported beneficial properties, this overview surveys and consolidates the widely scattered literature on the chemistry (isolation and structural characterization) of polysaccharides and secondary metabolites such as erinacines, hericerins, hericenones, resorcinols, steroids, mono- and ...
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ABSTRACT Hericium novae-zealandiae is a native mushroom consumed by indigenous Māori people in New Zealand. The lipophilic mycochemicals of the mushroom were isolated using a normal column chromatography combined with a preparative HPLC. Structural characterisation based on spectroscopic methods, namely UV, MS, NMR and single crystal XRD have identified three lipophilic compounds as hericene B (a compound unique to Hericium), ergosterol and ergosterol peroxide. Following this, an HPLC-DAD method...
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One of the main aims of the University of Pavia mycology laboratory was to collect wood decay fungal (WDF) strains in order to deepen taxonomic studies, species distribution, officinal properties or to investigate potential applications such as biocomposite material production based on fungi. The Italian Alps, Apennines and wood plains were investigated to collect Basidiomycota basidiomata from living or dead trees. The purpose of this study was to investigate the wood decay strains of the Medit...
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