Design, Synthesis and Docking Calculations of Prenylated Chalcones as Selective Monoamine Oxidase B Inhibitors with Antioxidant Activity

Published on Jul 12, 2019
· DOI :10.1002/slct.201901282
Marco Mellado3
Estimated H-index: 3
(UCV: Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso),
Cristian O. Salas11
Estimated H-index: 11
(UC: Pontifical Catholic University of Chile)
+ 4 AuthorsMauricio Cuellar7
Estimated H-index: 7
(Valpo: Valparaiso University)
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#1Bijo MathewH-Index: 13
#2Seung Cheol BaekH-Index: 6
Last. Hoon KimH-Index: 19
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#1Raed Shalaby (Qatar University)H-Index: 2
#2Jacobus P. Petzer (NWU: North-West University)H-Index: 26
Last. Ashraf Khalil (Qatar University)H-Index: 12
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AbstractThe present study describes the synthesis of a series of 22 chalcone analogs. These compounds were evaluated as potential human MAO-A and MAO-B inhibitors. The compounds showed varied selec...
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#1Rani Sasidharan (VIT University)H-Index: 1
#2Seung Cheol Baek (SNU: Sunchon National University)H-Index: 6
Last. Bijo MathewH-Index: 13
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Abstract In the present study, series of eleven (2E)-1-[4-(1H-imidazol-1-yl)substituted phenyl]-3-phenylprop-2-en-1-one (IM1–IM11) derivatives were synthesized and evaluated as inhibitors of recombinant human monoamine oxidase (MAO) A and B. The results indicate that (2E)-3-[4-(dimethylamino) phenyl]-1-[4-(1H-imidazol-1-yl) phenyl] prop-2-en-1-one (IM5) is a nonselective and reversible competitive inhibitor of MAO-A and MAO-B with IC50 values of 0.30 ± 0.010 and 0.40 ± 0.017 μM, respectively ; t...
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#1Marco Mellado (UCV: Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso)H-Index: 3
#2Alejandro MadridH-Index: 7
Last. Mauricio Cuellar (Valpo: Valparaiso University)H-Index: 7
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Chalcones are a group of molecules with a broad spectrum of biological activities, being especially appealing for their antiproliferative effects on several cancer cell lines. For this reason, we synthesized 23 chalcones with good to excellent yields and assessed their effect on the viability of the SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cell line and on primary human fibroblasts. The results indicated that 18 of these compounds were more active than 5-fluorouracil in the cancer cell line and one of them was mor...
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#1Qing-Xia XuH-Index: 1
#2Ying HuH-Index: 1
Last. Xiu-Wei YangH-Index: 21
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Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an age-related neurodegenerative disease that is mediated by multiple signaling pathways. In recent years, the components of Psoralea Fructus (PF) have demonstrated some anti-Alzheimer effects both in vitro and in vivo. To further reveal the active compounds of PF and their mechanisms regulating key targets of AD, in this study, we identified four prenylated compounds from the 70% ethanolic aqueous extract of PF, namely bavachin, bavachinin, bavachalcone, and isobavac...
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#1Marco Mellado (UCV: Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso)H-Index: 3
#2Alejandro MadridH-Index: 7
Last. Mauricio Cuellar (Valpo: Valparaiso University)H-Index: 7
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Chalcones are bioactive compounds obtained from either natural sources or synthetic procedures and widely used due to their several biological properties. The most common experimental methodology in obtaining these compounds is Claisen–Schmidt reaction, which is a particular type of aldolic condensation. In this work, we have synthesized 23 chalcones and by density functional theory (DFT) calculation, we have studied the difference in reactivity of the several benzaldehydes and their effects on ...
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#1Jerad Suresh (Madras Medical College)H-Index: 11
#2Seung Cheol Baek (SNU: Sunchon National University)H-Index: 6
Last. Bijo MathewH-Index: 13
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Abstract A series of twelve furanochalcones (F1-F12) was synthesized and investigated for their human monoamine oxidase inhibitory activities. Among the series, compound (2E, 4E)-1-(furan-2-yl)-5-phenylpenta-2, 4-dien-1-one (F1), which was analyzed by single-crystal X-ray diffraction, showed potent and selective MAO-B inhibitory activity with an inhibition constant (Ki) value of 0.0041 μM and selectivity index of (SI) 172.4, and exhibited competitive inhibition. Introduction of a cinnamyl group ...
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#1Bijo MathewH-Index: 13
#2Gulberk Ucar (Hacettepe University)H-Index: 20
Last. Mahmoud E. S. Soliman (UKZN: University of KwaZulu-Natal)H-Index: 21
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#1Bijo MathewH-Index: 13
#2Githa Elizabeth Mathew (Grace College & Seminary)H-Index: 12
Last. Jerad Suresh (Madras Medical College)H-Index: 11
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Abstract The MAO-B inhibitory activity of chalcone (1, 3- diphenyl-2-propen-1-one) based compounds arise from its structural similarity with 1, 4-diphenyl-2-butene, a known MAO-B inhibitor. Based on our previous report, the methoxy-substituted with fluorine containing chalcones are promising reversible MAO-B inhibitors, while in the present study, a series of methoxylated chalcones ( C1 - C9 ) bearing substitution on the para position of ring B was synthesized and evaluated for their human monoa...
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#1Zewen Liu (WHU: Wuhan University)H-Index: 3
#2Tingyang Zhou (OSU: Ohio State University)H-Index: 4
Last. Li Zuo (OSU: Ohio State University)H-Index: 28
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Increasing numbers of individuals, particularly the elderly, suffer from neurodegenerative disorders. These diseases are normally characterized by progressive loss of neuron cells and compromised motor or cognitive function. Previous studies have proposed that the overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS) may have complex roles in promoting the disease development. Research has shown that neuron cells are particularly vulnerable to oxidative damage due to their high polyunsaturated fatty a...
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