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Published on Feb 1, 2019in Annals of Surgery9.48
Allison Hirst13
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(University of Oxford),
Yiannis Philippou3
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(University of Oxford)
+ 14 AuthorsChristopher Pennell4
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(Maimonides Medical Center)
Objective: To update, clarify, and extend IDEAL concepts and recommendations. Background: New surgical procedures, devices, and other complex interventions need robust evaluation for safety, efficacy, and effectiveness. Unlike new medicines, there is no internationally agreed evaluation pathway for generating and analyzing data throughout the life cycle of surgical innovations. The IDEAL Framework and Recommendations were designed to provide this pathway and they have been used increasingly sinc...
Published on Dec 1, 2015in Annals of Surgery9.48
Katrina Hutchison5
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Wendy Rogers23
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+ 1 AuthorsMianna Lotz5
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This article presents an original definition of surgical innovation and a practical tool for identifying planned innovations. These will support the responsible introduction of surgical innovations.Frameworks developed for the safer introduction of surgical innovations rely upon identifying cases of innovation; oversight cannot occur unless innovations are identified. However, there is no consensus among surgeons about which interventions they consider innovative; existing definitions are vague ...
Published on Aug 1, 2014in Annals of Surgery9.48
Archie Hughes-Hallett11
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Erik Mayer15
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+ 5 AuthorsDarziAra99
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Published on Feb 1, 2014in Annals of Surgery9.48
Wendy Rogers23
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Mianna Lotz5
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+ 2 AuthorsAnthony Eyers2
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Objective: This study explores how surgeons define innovation, critically examines and evaluates these views, and uses the findings to develop practical criteria for identifying surgical innovation for ethical and regulatory purposes. Background: Surgical innovation is crucial for progress in surgery, but can be harmful to patients and difficult to identify and therefore support appropriately. Current attempts to define surgical innovation lack precision, and do not give enough guidance to ident...
Published on Jun 1, 2013in Journal of Bioethical Inquiry1.59
Wendy Rogers23
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(Macquarie University),
Jane Johnson7
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(Macquarie University)
In this paper we argue that surgeons face a particular kind of within-role conflict of interests, related to innovation. Within-role conflicts occur when the conflicting interests are both legitimate goals of professional activity. Innovation is an integral part of surgical practice but can create within-role conflicts of interest when innovation compromises patient care in various ways, such as by extending indications for innovative procedures or by failures of informed consent. The standard r...