Learning From Fails in Crisis Management: Case of Stress Impact

Published on Jul 1, 2018
· DOI :10.1109/fskd.2018.8687304
Teffali Sammy Abdelghani (University of Technology of Troyes), Matta Nada (University of Technology of Troyes), Chatelet Eric (University of Technology of Troyes)
A crisis is a complex situation, which actors have some difficulties to manage it. They are under stress to deal with problems that they cannot predict consequences. The human conditions (familial and life) and, the influence of the environment (politic, economic, media) pushes the actors to lose control of the crisis situation. The question we face in this paper is: “is it possible to predict fails action under the impact of the stress in this type of situation and to correct it?” Our main hypothesis to answer is representing fails actions using the experience feedback and the knowledge management. To model the crisis management as systemic system emphasizing regulation loops, and the collaboration activity by showing the dimension of the communication, coordination, and cooperation. This modeling is illustrated on a terrorist attack situation in Algeria. To predict actions consequence of the stress and their corrective, Fuzzy set principle is adopted, based on experience feedback and situations modeling.
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