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Published on Dec 14, 2009in Acta Geologica Sinica-english Edition 2.51
Zhang Chengjun4
Estimated H-index: 4
(Lanzhou University),
Zheng Mianping8
Estimated H-index: 8
+ 5 AuthorsFeng Zhaodong4
Estimated H-index: 4
(Lanzhou University)
The Early Holocene paleoclimate in Bosten Lake on the northern margin of the Tarim Basin, southern Xinjiang, is reconstructed through an analysis of a 953 cm long core (BSTC2000) taken from Bosten Lake. Multiple proxies of this core, including the mineral components of carbonate, carbonate content, stable isotopic compositions of carbonate, Ca/Sr, TOC and C/N and C/S of organic matter, are used to reconstruct the climatic change since 8500 a B.P. The chronology model is made by nine AMS 14C ages...
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Published on Apr 1, 2000in Quaternary Science Reviews 4.33
Estimated H-index: 67
(Academia Sinica)
Abstract The spatial and temporal distribution of summer monsoon precipitation (or effective moisture) during the Holocene has been reconstructed on the basis of geological data, including lake levels, pollen profiles, and loess/paleosol records. In addition, the summer (July) precipitation increment, effective precipitation, and monsoon strength index have been obtained from numerical modeling experiments. Both geological data and numerical modeling indicate that the Holocene optimum, as define...
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