Bibliometric and Textual Analysis of Historical Patterns in Maternal–Infant Health and Nursing Issues in The Canadian NurseJournal, 1905–2015:

Published on Jun 1, 2019in Canadian Journal of Nursing Research
· DOI :10.1177/0844562118804119
Lenora Marcellus9
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(UVic: University of Victoria)
Study backgroundJournals are key learning mechanisms for nursing organizations. Analysis of publications provides opportunities to explore influences, priorities, and perspectives of nurses over ti...
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#1Mojtaba Vaismoradi (Swansea University)H-Index: 18
#2Jacqueline JonesH-Index: 22
Last. Sherrill Snelgrove (Swansea University)H-Index: 15
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Sufficient knowledge is available about the definition, details and differences of qualitative content and thematic analysis as two approaches of qualitative descriptive research. However, identifying the main features of theme as the data analysis product and the method of its development remain unclear. The purpose of this study was to describe the meaning of theme and offer a method on theme construction that can be used by qualitative content analysis and thematic analysis researchers in lin...
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#1Brenda Elias (UM: University of Manitoba)H-Index: 16
Infant mortality is a metric influenced by societal, political and medical advances. The way vital events are collected and reported are not always uniform. A lack of uniformity has disadvantaged some groups in society. In Canada, a multi-jurisdictional vital statistics system has truncated our ability to produce infant mortality rates for the Indigenous population. To understand how this evolved, this paper outlines the history of infant mortality, generally and internationally, and then docume...
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#1Ruth Phillips (USYD: University of Sydney)H-Index: 7
#2Viviene E. Cree (Edin.: University of Edinburgh)H-Index: 19
There is no straightforward definition of feminism today. In spite of this, scholars and researchers who describe themselves as ‘feminist’ continue to produce work that both interrogates the specific and general conditions of women's lives and explores the more ubiquitous construct of ‘gender’, and in social work, feminist understandings remain central to practice, theory and research. This may, in large part, be reflective of the continuing over-representation of women as providers and users of...
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#1Julie A Fairman (UPenn: University of Pennsylvania)H-Index: 10
#2Patricia D'Antonio (UPenn: University of Pennsylvania)H-Index: 10
Abstract Historians of nursing can inform and provide perspective and context to the discipline and to policy makers. This article provides several examples of the interplay of history and health policy debates across time and place. From issues of the nursing workforce to discussions about the skill level needed to safely care for patients and the issues of practice boundaries, history provides evidence for shaping our understanding of and engagement with health policy. History offers a way to ...
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#2Therese A. WiegersH-Index: 16
Last. W.L.J.M. Devillé (UvA: University of Amsterdam)H-Index: 42
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Background: Despite the potential of prenatal care for addressing many pregnancy complications and concurrent health problems, non-western women in industrialized western countries more often make inadequate use of prenatal care than women from the majority population do. This study aimed to give a systematic review of factors affecting non-western women’s use of prenatal care (both medical care and prenatal classes) in industrialized western countries. Methods: Eleven databases (PubMed, Embase,...
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#1Anne-Emanuelle Birn (U of T: University of Toronto)H-Index: 16
Abstract International1 health funders, leaders and researchers frequently cite ‘successes’ in this field as validation for past labours and justification for future endeavours. However, the question of what constitutes success – from both historical and contemporary perspectives – has been inadequately analysed. This paper reviews and periodises understandings of success in international/global health during the past century and a half, mapping out shifts and continuities over time. It then tur...
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#1Glenn A. Bowen (WCU: Western Carolina University)H-Index: 11
This article examines the function of documents as a data source in qualitative research and discusses document analysis procedure in the context of actual research experiences. Targeted to research novices, the article takes a nuts‐and‐bolts approach to document analysis. It describes the nature and forms of documents, outlines the advantages and limitations of document analysis, and offers specific examples of the use of documents in the research process. The application of document analysis t...
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#1Stefanos Mantzoukas (AHLEI: American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute)H-Index: 10
Abstract Background Evidence-based practice has become an imperative for efficient, effective and safe practice. Furthermore, evidences emerging from published research are considered as valid knowledge sources to guiding practice. Objectives The aim of this paper is to review all research articles published in the top 10 general nursing journals for the years 2000–2006 to identify the methodologies used, the types of evidence these studies produced and the issues upon which they endeavored. Des...
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#1Marilyn H. OermannH-Index: 29
#2Darlene A. BlairH-Index: 2
Last. Cheryl K. NordstromH-Index: 10
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Few bibliometric studies have been done of the nursing literature; however, much can be learned about nursing and specialty areas of clinical practice by examining the articles published in nursing journals. The purposes of this study were to describe the extent of research, clinical, and evidence-based practice articles published in maternal/child nursing journals and the information sources used to develop that literature. A total of 112 articles and 2571 citations from three randomly selected...
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#1Batya Madjar (Israel Ministry of Health)H-Index: 1
#2Sara Shachaf (University of Haifa)H-Index: 1
Last. Cheryl Zlotnick (University of Haifa)H-Index: 18
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AIM: Using the case of Israel, we examine the confluence of current philosophies of health care along with the historical trends of health promotion/disease prevention services to consider strategies for increasing inclusiveness and for updating and improving their service delivery. BACKGROUND: Health services in Israel are at a crossroads. Plans to integrate the historic, nurse-operated, nationwide programme, providing health promotion/disease prevention services to pregnant women and young chi...