Cambrian (~510 Ma) ophiolites of the East Kunlun orogen, China: A case study from the Acite ophiolitic tectonic mélange

Published on Dec 10, 2018in International Geology Review3.00
· DOI :10.1080/00206814.2017.1405366
Ruibao Li3
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(Chang'an University),
Xianzhi Pei4
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(Chang'an University)
+ 6 AuthorsMeng Wang3
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(Chang'an University)
ABSTRACTThe Acite ophiolitic melange represents a remnant of the Proto-Tethys forearc oceanic lithosphere. Two gabbros yield zircon 206Pb/238U ages of 510-512 Ma. The magmatic rocks are divided into three subtypes: (1) Mid-ocean ridge basalt (MORB) -like forearc basalts (FABs), (2) Low-titanium tholeiitic gabbros (LTGs), and (3) Normal calc-alkaline dacites (CADs). The FABs have comparatively higher TiO2 concentrations (1.13–1.42 wt%) and show almost flat REE patterns. In the NMORB normalized trace element patterns, the FABs display flat distributions of high field strength element (HFSE). The eNd(t) values of FABs range from +4.0 to +4.8. These features are similar to the composition of Izu-Bonin-Mariana forearc basalts (FABs). LTGs are characterized by higher contents of MgO (8.85–9.95 wt%) and lower concentration of TiO2(0.29–0.50 wt%). They show LREE-depleted patterns, however having comparatively lower total REE contents than those of FABs. The eNd(t) values of LTGs range from +7.4 to +8.4. These fea...
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