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Vehicle energy measurement system
An electric vehicle battery energy level is calculated by measuring acceleration, load, speeds, and/or changes in elevation (motion measurements) 330 that the vehicle 104 experiences during operation. By correlating motion measurements of a field vehicle to motion measurements of a test vehicle during operational profile testing, the amount of energy consumed out of the field vehicle battery is calculated 340. The amount of energy consumed is then compared with the battery's initial energy level 350 resulting in the calculation of an electric vehicle battery energy level without directly measuring the actual current drawn out of the battery.
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Andrew John Vogelsang1
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A system and method are disclosed for monitoring motor vehicle movement parameters, such as speed, location and acceleration, for assessing the driving habits of inexperienced drivers and rewarding good driving habits or punishing poor driving habits in order to reduce speed-related driving accidents. The system includes a hand-held, self-contained, portable device capable of being securely mounted to or locked on or within a motor vehicle and capable of sensing the instantaneous speed of the ve...
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Yamamoto Satoshi1
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To display the residual capacity of a battery in multiple stages and notify an operator of switching the number of lighting lights by reducing the number of lighting lights with a decrease in the residual capacity, and setting one of all lighting lights in a flashing condition in between the lighting condition of all lights and the lighting condition that the number of lighting lights is one smaller than that of all lights, in a plurality of display lights. SOLUTION: In a l...
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Kazufumi Oishi1
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和史 大石1
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make display a cell residual capacity of an electromotive vehicle without being influenced by the moving state of the electromotive vehicle, to reduce production cost, and to reduce the space for mounting. SOLUTION: A standard voltage renewal memory means 10 re-memorizes the detected voltage of a motor driving cell detected by a voltage sensor 27 as a standard voltage at each time the vehicle stops; and a voltage conversion means 11 converts the voltage repeatedly detect...
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