Copula Based Change Point Detection for Financial Contagion in

Published on Jan 1, 2013
Xiaoqian Zhu7
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Yilin Li2
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+ 2 AuthorsDengsheng Wu12
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In this paper, a change point detection approach based on copula with two notable advantages is put forward. One is that the approach can deal with the common but special unbalanced panel data. The other is that it can detect multiple change points. Firstly, a proper copula that most accurately describes the dependence structure of the data is chosen. Then, the chosen copula is fitted to the data dynamically by adding new data. Finally, the change points are located by analyzing the trends of fitted parameters of the copula. Based on the quarterly financial data of 16 listed Chinese commercial banks, we empirically use the proposed approach to detect the subprime crisis contagion period in Chinese banking. The results show that the contagion starts in 2007Q2 and ends in 2009Q1, which is reasonable according to relevant researches.
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#2Hao SongH-Index: 4
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The correlations among the credit,market and operational risk significantly influence the integrated risk.This paper proposes a model to integrate credit,market and operational risk considering correlation.The integrated risk is computed by Copula function and Monte Carlo simulation.The diversification benefit and the overall risk variation from different copulas are explored.At last,the empirical results base on an accepted literature data show,this proposed model can describe the risk correlat...
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