The Critique of Empirical Social Science: New Policies at Management and Organization Review

Published on Dec 1, 2016in Management and Organization Review 1.46
· DOI :10.1017/mor.2016.43
Arie Y. Lewin37
Estimated H-index: 37
(Duke University),
Chi-Yue Chiu47
Estimated H-index: 47
(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
+ 4 AuthorsEric Wk Tsang2
Estimated H-index: 2
(University of Texas at Austin)
At the June 2016 meeting of the International Association for Chinese Management Research, MOR organized a symposium to discuss the mounting criticisms of empirical social science and subsequent changes, as part of ongoing discussions affecting journal reviewing policies. This article overviews the history of modern empirical social science as the foundation of management, organization, and strategy research and the criticism of social science research, which has reached the point that some critics refer to current publication norms as encouraging and enabling the publication of junk science. Most importantly, however, this article outlines MOR's strategy going forward and the new reviewing initiatives that MOR is implementing as of Volume 13 (2017).
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Published on May 8, 2013
Morgen Witzel6
Estimated H-index: 6
Malcolm Warner39
Estimated H-index: 39
11 Citations
Published on Jan 1, 1955
Peter M. Blau35
Estimated H-index: 35
723 Citations
Published on Jan 1, 1934
Karl R. Popper34
Estimated H-index: 34
Described by the philosopher A.J. Ayer as a work of 'great originality and power', this book revolutionized contemporary thinking on science and knowledge. Ideas such as the now legendary doctrine of 'falsificationism' electrified the scientific community, influencing even working scientists, as well as post-war philosophy. This astonishing work ranks alongside The Open Society and Its Enemies as one of Popper's most enduring books and contains insights and arguments that demand to be read to th...
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Published on Feb 14, 2003in Science 41.06
John Walsii25
Estimated H-index: 25
(University of Illinois at Chicago),
Ashish Arora36
Estimated H-index: 36
(Carnegie Mellon University),
Wesley M. Cohen26
Estimated H-index: 26
(Duke University)
Interviews with personnel from firms, universities, and other organizations indicate that biomedical research typically proceeds despite challenges posed by a growing number of patents on research tools. Respondents address these challenges with licensing, inventing around patents, going offshore, the development and use of public databases and research tools, court challenges, and simply using the technology without a license (i.e., infringement), often informally invoking a de facto broad "res...
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Published on Jan 1, 2015in Science 41.06
Alexander A. Aarts1
Estimated H-index: 1
Joanna E. Anderson2
Estimated H-index: 2
(Defence Research and Development Canada)
+ 267 AuthorsMichael Barnett-Cowan15
Estimated H-index: 15
(University of Waterloo)
Reproducibility is a defining feature of science, but the extent to which it characterizes current research is unknown. We conducted replications of 100 experimental and correlational studies published in three psychology journals using high-powered designs and original materials when available. Replication effects were half the magnitude of original effects, representing a substantial decline. Ninety-seven percent of original studies had statistically significant results. Thirty-six percent of ...
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Published on Dec 1, 2010in Academy of Management Learning and Education 2.87
Arthur G. Bedeian43
Estimated H-index: 43
(Louisiana State University),
Shannon G. Taylor12
Estimated H-index: 12
(Northern Illinois University),
Alan N. Miller7
Estimated H-index: 7
(University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
This research-based essay presents survey results—collected from faculty in 104 PhD-granting management departments of AACSB-accredited business schools in the United States—regarding 11 different types of questionable research conduct, including data fabrication, data falsification, plagiarism, inappropriately accepting or assigning authorship credit, and publishing the same data or results in two or more publications. Findings suggest that instances of research misconduct covering a broad arra...
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Published on Apr 1, 2007in Academy of Management Journal 6.70
Debra L. Shapiro33
Estimated H-index: 33
(University of Maryland, College Park),
Bradley L. Kirkman33
Estimated H-index: 33
(Texas A&M University),
Hugh Courtney5
Estimated H-index: 5
(University of Maryland, College Park)
The article discusses problems in translating research about private and public sector management from theory into practice. The authors suggest that Academy of Management members should change their knowledge transfer and production processes to close the gap between theory and practice. These changes could include altering editorial policies at management journals and awarding publications that have a significant impact on management practice. Other solutions include encouraging collaborations...
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Published on Mar 1, 2012in Nature 41.58
C. Glenn Begley34
Estimated H-index: 34
Lee M. Ellis102
Estimated H-index: 102
C. Glenn Begley and Lee M. Ellis propose how methods, publications and incentives must change if patients are to benefit.
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Published on Apr 1, 1985
Robert K. Merton53
Estimated H-index: 53
With playfulness and a large dose of wit, Robert Merton traces the origin of Newton's aphorism, "If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Using as a model the discursive and digressive style of Sterne's Tristram Shandy, Merton presents a whimsical yet scholarly work which deals with the questions of creativity, tradition, plagiarism, the transmission of knowledge, and the concept of progress. "This book is the delightful apotheosis of donmanship: Merton parodies sch...
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Colin B. Begg21
Estimated H-index: 21
(Harvard University),
Jesse A. Berlin88
Estimated H-index: 88
(Harvard University)
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Published on Mar 1, 2017in Management and Organization Review 1.46
Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki1
Estimated H-index: 1
Tian Wei1
Estimated H-index: 1
+ 2 AuthorsShameen Prashantham1
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Published on Dec 1, 2017in Strategic Management Journal 5.48
Sheen S. Levine7
Estimated H-index: 7
(University of Texas at Dallas),
Mark Bernard1
Estimated H-index: 1
(University of Texas at Dallas),
Rosemarie Nagel21
Estimated H-index: 21
(Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies)
Research summary: Pursuing sources of entrepreneurial and competitive advantage, researchers have been exploring cognition. We examine how cognitive capabilities affect competitive performance, drawing on two constructs rooted in psychology and economics. A familiar one is analytic skill, the ability to solve abstract problems. To that, we add strategic intelligence — the ability to anticipate competitors' behavior and preempt it. Using incentivized experiments, we measure the constructs in part...
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Published on Apr 1, 2017in Group & Organization Management 2.63
Yipeng Liu13
Estimated H-index: 13
Riikka M. Sarala14
Estimated H-index: 14
+ 1 AuthorsSir Cary L. Cooper2
Estimated H-index: 2
The research on collaborative partnerships has accumulated a vast body of knowledge, which has assisted us with comprehending several complex organizational phenomena, including mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, joint ventures, and entrepreneurial partnerships. Yet, the existing studies have not paid sufficient attention to the human side factors. We join the current conversation within the microfoundations perspective of management and organization studies by suggesting that invest...
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Published on Mar 1, 2017in Management and Organization Review 1.46
Johann Peter Murmann11
Estimated H-index: 11
(University of New South Wales)
In this editorial, I articulate strategies that focus on the stage before papers are submitted to MOR. Building on the strong tradition of helping authors bring out the best in their papers, which the founding editor Anne Tsui and her team cultivated over many years (and which is shared by Arie Lewin and the current editorial team), the present MOR structures are already very good at allowing novel and potentially blockbuster papers to make it through the review process. In my view, we need to f...
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Published on Aug 7, 2017in Employee Relations 1.65
Igor Gurkov12
Estimated H-index: 12
(National Research University – Higher School of Economics),
Evgeny Morgunov1
Estimated H-index: 1
(National Research University – Higher School of Economics),
Zokirzhon Saidov2
Estimated H-index: 2
(National Research University – Higher School of Economics)
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to retrace the sources of robustness of the operations of Russian manufacturing subsidiaries of western multinational corporation (MNC) during the downturn, from the point of view of applied human resource management (HRM) practices. Design/methodology/approach A repeated survey of heads of Russian manufacturing plants of western MNCs was implemented. The same respondents aswered the similar questions in 2014 and in 2016. Findings The current evolution of HRM...
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Published on Jul 1, 2017in Journal of International Business Studies 6.20
Klaus E. Meyer7
Estimated H-index: 7
(China Europe International Business School),
Witteloostuijn van Arjen31
Estimated H-index: 31
(Tilburg University),
Sjoerd Beugelsdijk27
Estimated H-index: 27
(University of Groningen)
Social science research has recently been subject to considerable criticism regarding the validity and power of empirical tests published in leading journals, and business scholarship is no exception. Transparency and replicability of empirical findings are essential to build a cumulative body of scholarly knowledge. Yet current practices are under increased scrutiny to achieve these objectives. JIBS is therefore discussing and revising its editorial practices to enhance the validity of empirica...
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Published on Jun 1, 2017in Management and Organization Review 1.46
Ming Li6
Estimated H-index: 6
(University of Liverpool),
Barton M. Sharp5
Estimated H-index: 5
(Northern Illinois University),
Donald D. Bergh24
Estimated H-index: 24
(University of Denver)
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Published on Feb 1, 2018in Journal of World Business 3.99
Florian Bauer7
Estimated H-index: 7
(MCI Management Center Innsbruck),
Svante Schriber3
Estimated H-index: 3
(Stockholm University)
+ 1 AuthorsDavid R. King2
Estimated H-index: 2
(Florida State University)
There is general agreement that acquisition integration is decisive for acquisition performance. Despite this consensus, there are heterogeneous results on integration measures, such as integration speed with empirical research supporting the benefits of either fast or slow integration. We argue that the business environment surrounding acquisitions has the potential to reconcile conflicting findings. We develop how institutional factors (i.e., labor market flexibility and efficiency) influence ...
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Published on Jun 1, 2018in Management and Organization Review 1.46
Sheen S. Levine7
Estimated H-index: 7
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