Geometric Calibration of the Orion Optical Navigation Camera using Star Field Images

Published on Dec 1, 2016in Journal of The Astronautical Sciences1.66
· DOI :10.1007/s40295-016-0091-3
John A. Christian14
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(WVU: West Virginia University),
Lylia Benhacine1
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(WVU: West Virginia University)
+ 1 AuthorsChristopher D'Souza5
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The Orion Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle will be capable of autonomously navigating in cislunar space using images of the Earth and Moon. Optical navigation systems, such as the one proposed for Orion, require the ability to precisely relate the observed location of an object in a 2D digital image with the true corresponding line-of-sight direction in the camera’s sensor frame. This relationship is governed by the camera’s geometric calibration parameters — typically described by a set of five intrinsic parameters and five lens distortion parameters. While pre-flight estimations of these parameters will exist, environmental conditions often necessitate on-orbit recalibration. This calibration will be performed for Orion using an ensemble of star field images. This manuscript provides a detailed treatment of the theory and mathematics that will form the foundation of Orion’s on-orbit camera calibration. Numerical results and examples are also presented.
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