Representing Everyday Life

Published on Jan 1, 2016in Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies
· DOI :10.1353/hcs.2016.0000
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@contents: Selected Contents: Acknowledgements Permissions Preface Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Everyday Aesthetics I. Enlightenment Aesthetics II. John Dewey and the Grain of Experience III. Jacques Ranciere and the Distribution of the Sensible Chapter 3. Familiar Things Chapter 4. Doing Time: Work Life Chapter 5. Absentminded Media Chapter 6. Senses of the Ordinary Chapter 7. Conclusion: Towards a political aesthetics of everyday life Bibliography Index
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Introduction 1. The Indeterminacy of the Everyday 2. Surrealism and the Everyday 3. Dissident Surrealism: The Quotidian Sacred and Profane 4. Henri Lefebvre: Alienation and Appropriation in Everyday Life 5. All that Falls: Barthes and the Everyday 6. Michel de Certeau: Reclaiming the Everyday 7. Georges Perec: Uncovering the Infra-ordinary 8. After Perec: Dissemination and Diversification 9. Configuring the Everyday
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La cultura y la vida cotidiana se han visto radicalmente alteradas en el ultimo cuarto del siglo XX ante el efecto combinado de la transformacion tecnologica y del impacto de los medios de comunicacion de masas. A pesar de la pervivencia en la memoria y la mentalidad de la sociedad espanola de muchas tendencias que han presidido los rasgos sociales y culturales de nuestro pais a lo largo del tiempo, muchas cosas han quedado arrasadas y han surgido nuevos habitos, que marcan el rumbo hacia el sig...
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Preface and Acknowledgments. 1. Figuring the Everyday 2. Arguments 3. Simmel: Fragments of Everyday Life 4. Surrealism: The Marvellous in the Everyday 5. Benjamin's Trash Aesthetics 6. Mass-Observation: A Science of Everyday Life 7. Henri Lefebvre's Dialects of Everyday Life 8. Michel de Certeau's Poetics of Everyday Life 9. Psotscript: Everyday Life and the Future of Cultural Studies Bibliography. Index.
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Part I Situating the everyday: parapraxes Sigmund Freud preface to the Mediterranean, Fernand Braudel front and back regions of everyday life, Erving Goffmann "the problem that has no name", Betty Friedan general introduction from "The Practice of Everyday Life", Michel de Certeau a feminist methodology, Dorothy Smith introduction from everyday life - Yale French studies. Part II Everyday life and "National Culture", Alice Kaplan and Kristin Ross habit and custom, Leon Trotsky from "The Road to ...
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Contents: Preface. J.A. Bargh, The Automaticity of Everyday Life. M.R. Banaji, I.V. Blair, J. Glaser, Environments and Unconscious Processes. R.F. Baumeister, K.L. Sommer, Consciousness, Free Choice, and Automaticity. L. Berkowitz, Some Thoughts Extending Bargh's Argument. C.S. Carver, Associations to Automaticity. G. Clore, T. Ketelaar, Minding Our Emotions: On the Role of Automatic, Unconscious Affect. D. Cohen, Ifs and Thens in Cultural Psychology. W.L. Gardner, J.T. Cacioppo, Automaticity an...
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The Critique of Everyday Life is perhaps the richest, most prescient work of one of this century's greatest philosophers. A historian and sociologist, Lefebvre developed his ideas over seven decades through intellectual confrontation with figures as diverse as Bergson, Breton, Sartre, Debord and Althusser. In turn, these ideas had a considerable influence on the most defiantly utopian political movements of recent years. Written at the birth of post-war consumerism, though only now translated in...
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