[Tumor proteomics: the past, present and future].

Published on Oct 1, 2008in Chinese journal of cancer3.62
Xiao-En Xu7
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(Fudan University),
Jiang Yh1
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Shi Q1
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The application of proteomics techniques to tumor biological research promoted the emergence of Tumor Proteomics.Its major goal is to screen biomarkers for tumor detection,diagnosis,prognosis,as well as tumor treatment using proteomics technologies,such as two dimensional gel electrophoresis(2-DE),stable isotope labeling of amino acid in cell culture(SILAC) and matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization(MALDI).Three stages of tumor proteomics study,including expression proteomics,post-translation modification proteomics and activity-based proteomics,have shed lights on not only the possible tumor markers but also the underlying mechanisms.We reviewed the methods as well as the achievements of recent tumor proteomics studies on major tumor types.The challenges are to sift out tumor markers for clinical applications,and to reveal novel mechanisms of tumorigenesis that may help to fight this deadly disease.
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