Prurito uremico: posibles factores etiológicos

Published on Jan 1, 1993
El prurito generalizado es el sintoma dermatologico mas frecuente en la insuficiencia renal cronica. La sensacion de prurito puede ser provocada por varias clases de estimulos: macanicos, quimicos y electricos. La histamina es la sustancia pruritogena endogena mejor conocida, y se piensa que tiene un papel importante en la patogenesis de la urticaria; sin embargo, la fisiopatologia del prurito en otras enfermedades, incluyendo la insuficiencia renal cronica, es basicamente desconocida. En el presente trabajo se realiza una revision de los posibles mecanismos en la etiologia del prurito uremico
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17 malades sous hemodialyse periodique et souffrant de prurit grave sont partages en 2 groupes. Chez 10 d'entre eux les dialyses sont continuees de facon identique mais au moyen d'un liquide depourvu de magnesium. Ce traitement fait diminuer nettement la magnesiemie, mais est sans effet sur le prurit et amene une augmentation notable de l'hormone parathyroidienne, ce qui n'est pas sans risque
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#1Laura R. Klein (University of Louisville)H-Index: 3
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: Pruritus remains a significant complication of end-stage renal disease. Its cause in hemodialysis patients is not known. It has been postulated that increased numbers of mast cells occur in these patients and may account for the presence of pruritus. Our objective was to determine if there is a difference in the number of cutaneosus mast cells between pruritic and nonpruritic patients. A 3-mm punch biopsy specimen was obtained from pruritic (n = 7) and nonpruritic (n - 6) hemodialysis patients...
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To evaluate the role of the dialysate in the stimulation of interleukin-1 (IL-1) production during clinical hemodialysis (HD), we studied maintenance HD patients in two experiments. Cellulosic hollow-fiber dialyzers were obtained after 20 minutes of HD using either nonsterile standard dialysate (n = 6) or sterile pyrogen free 0.9% saline as dialysate (n = 6). After rinsing the blood compartment with normal saline, dialyzers were incubated at 37°C for six hours. Aliquots from the blood compartmen...
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Abstract We studied the relationships between dermal mast cell proliferation and pruritus or hyperparathyroidism in hemodialysis (HD). Skin biopsies were taken from 59 patients in end stage renal failure; 51 were on maintenance HD, and the other 8 were not. As a control, 34 non-renal failure pruritic patients were used. Thirty-one of the 59 end stage renal failure patients (52.5%) had pruritus. The incidences of pruritus found in patients on HD and those not on HD were 56.9% and 25%, respectivel...
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Pruritus is a frequent and troublesome consequence of end-stage renal disease. We have surveyed 155 chronic dialysis patients and found pruritus-to be a significant problem in approximately 70%. Seventeen patients reporting severe pruritus were treated thrice weekly with total body exposure to either UVA or UVB light. UVB light resulted in resolution of pruritus in all cases. UVA light was without significant effect. Skin biopsies obtained before and after UV phototherapy revealed elevated conte...
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. The effect of phototherapy on uraemic pruritus and vitamin A content in serum and epidermis was investigated in ten patients with chronic renal failure. The patients and five healthy controls were given repeated whole-body irradiation of UV-A + UV-B (total dose 7·9 + 1·3 J cm-2). Serum and skin samples were obtained before and after the treatment. Serum samples were analysed for retinol, retinol-binding protein and carotene and epidermis samples for retinol, 3-dehydroretinol and carotene. Befo...
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: The subject of itching associated with renal failure is discussed. Possible pathogenetic mechanisms and available therapeutic modalities are presented.
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