The Capital Structure Puzzle

Published on Jul 1, 1984in Journal of Finance
· DOI :10.1111/j.1540-6261.1984.tb03646.x
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The Capital Structure Puzzle Author(s): Stewart C. Myers Source: The Journal of Finance, Vol. 39, No. 3, Papers and Proceedings, Forty-Second Annual Meeting, American Finance Association, San Francisco, CA, December 28-30, 1983 (Jul., 1984), pp. 575-592 Published by: Blackwell Publishing for the American Finance Association Stable URL: Accessed: 29/10/2008 12:03
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Thesis (Ph.D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Alfred P. Sloan School of Management, 1982.
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This paper considers a firm that must issue common stock to raise cash to undertake a valuable investment opportunity. Management is assumed to know more about the firm's value than potential investors. Investors interpret the firm's actions rationally. An equilibrium model of the issue-invest decision is developed under these assumptions.The model shows that firms may refuse to issue stock, and therefore may pass up valuable investment opportunities.The model suggests explanations for several a...
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#1Larry Y. Dann (UO: University of Oregon)H-Index: 10
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This paper provides evidence on the valuation effects of convertible debt issuance. Common stockholders earn significant negative abnormal returns at the initial announcement of a convertible debt offering, and also at the issuance date. In contrast, the average valuation effect on common stock at the announcement of non-convertible debt offerings is only marginally negative, and is zero at issuance. The significant negative average effect on common stock value appears not to be systematically r...
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This study of financing decisions by U.S. corporations examines the issuance of long term debt, issuance of short term debt, maintenance of corporate liquidity, issuance of new equity, and payment of dividends. Given costs and imperfections inherent in markets, a firm's financial behavior is characterized as partial adjustment to long run financial targets. Individual firm data are used so that speeds of adjustment are allowed to vary by company and over time. The results suggest that financial ...
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This study Investigates the influence of the type of investment opportunities facing a firm on its choice of capital structure. It is shown that the more discretionary investment opportunities a firm faces,the lower its financial leverage. Inclusion of other possible determinants of capital structure, such as availability of internal funds, tax effects and risk, while significant, do not affect the importance of discretionary investment. The evidence supports (1) the existence of a moral bazzard...
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This paper is a cross-sectional analysis of the relationship between common stock price reactions to announcements of convertible security calls and variables that represent possible determinants of changes in common stockholders' wealth. The variables are measures of the following effects of convertible security calls: (1) the change in interest expense tax shields, (2) the potential redistribution of wealth from common stockholders to preferred stockholders and debt holders,(3) the decrease in...
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This paper presents estimates of the effective tax value of incremental interest deductions for corporations taking into account that they may not be able to utilize all their interest deductions fully because of either insufficient taxable income or the availability of nondebt tax shields. After describing particular features of the tax code which may drive a wedge between statutory and effective tax rates for debt finance, we present estimates using the Treasury Corporate Tax Model of effectiv...
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This study develops a model based on current corporate finance theories which explains stock returns associated with the announcement of issuer exchange offers. The major independent variables are changes in leverage multiplied by senior security claims outstanding and changes in debt tax shields. Parameter estimates are statistically significant and consistent in sign and relative magnitude with model predictions. Overall, 55 percent of the variance in stock announcement period returns is expla...
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Last. Joaquim J. S. Ramalho (ISCTE-IUL: ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon)H-Index: 11
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Abstract The empirical literature on zero leverage investigates why some firms are debt-free using standard logit and probit specifications. However, such models are not suitable to provide a direct answer to the main research question that arises in this context: is zero leverage a financial decision of the firm or an imposition raised by creditors? This paper examines the factors that affect the demand for debt and the supply of debt using bivariate probit models with partial observability in ...
Abstract Contingent Convertible Bonds (CoCos) with conversion ratios that dilute issuer's shareholders generate incentives to preemptively raise equity capital to avoid triggering conversion. Our dynamic model provides an interior solution for the unique optimal conversion ratio and the capital structure policies that maximizes issuer's value net of deadweight costs. Preemptive recapitalization induced by moderately dilutive conversion terms leads to fewer defaults, lower borrowing rates, and hi...
Abstract This paper presents evidence that information asymmetry increases equity misvaluation by showing the impact of analyst coverage on misvaluation. To establish the causality, I use two exogenous events (broker closures and mergers), as well as an instrumental variable approach. The identification strategies indicate that there is a negative causal effect of analyst coverage on equity misvalutaion. The evidence is consistent with the hypothesis that information environment can cause invest...
#1Kebin Deng (SCUT: South China University of Technology)
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Abstract This study exploits two institutional features of China to test the causal link between tax and capital structure. First, the central government exclusively determines the corporate tax rate in China, which results in changes in corporate income tax rates across different Chinese public firms over the period of 2000–2011. Such mandatory tax shifts provide a quasi-natural experimental setting for our difference-in-differences analysis investigating the impact of tax on leverage. We find ...
#1Paolo Saona Hoffman (SLU: Saint Louis University)H-Index: 5
#2Eleuterio Vallelado (University of Valladolid)H-Index: 7
Last. Pablo Martín (Catholic University of the Most Holy Conception)H-Index: 6
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Abstract Capital structure theories are unable to properly explain the zero-debt puzzle, frequently observed in firms around the world. Our paper’s contribution is to identify the variables that measure either firm’s characteristics or environmental effects, in order to explain why firms have and eventually keep a debt-free policy. Our study includes a comprehensive sample of firms from 47 countries in the period 1996–2014. Our results indicate that all equity companies are small, with no growth...
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#1Yuan Wen (State University of New York at New Paltz)
#2Surinder Tikoo (State University of New York at New Paltz)H-Index: 12
This study is based on the premise that firms pursuing unique corporate strategies impose a high information cost on security analysts. A difficult information environment will foster analyst herdi...
#1Paola D'Orazio (RUB: Ruhr University Bochum)H-Index: 2
#2Philipp Löwenstein (RUB: Ruhr University Bochum)
Although renewable energy investments are not characterized by climate change mitigation as their primary objective, they still target activities that are related to the reduction of GHG emissions ...
Bu calisma 2011-2017 yillari arasinda Borsa Istanbul’da (BIST) hizmet sektorunde hisse senetleri islem goren 52 firmanin finansal kaldiraci ile firma karliligi arasindaki iliski ve bu iliski uzerindeki faaliyet riskinin etkisini incelemektedir. En kucuk kareler (OLS) modellerini kullanarak, yapilan analiz sonucunda borc orani arttikca firma karliliginin azaldigi, finansal kaldiracin firma karliligi uzerindeki negatif etkinin faaliyet riski ile arttigi gozlemlenmistir. Yuksek faaliyet riskine sah...
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