Public health perspective: From personalized medicine to personal health

Published on Mar 1, 2012in Personalized Medicine1.41
· DOI :10.2217/pme.12.16
Tomris Cesuroglu5
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(UM: Maastricht University),
Ben van Ommen39
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(Manipal University)
A gradual shift from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy towards personalized interventions is observed in the whole spectrum of healthcare, including personalized prevention, diagnosis and therapy, and the concept of personal health. This shift is caused by two major drivers. The first one is a general societal trend towards ‘personalization’, where individuals demand services or products that are customized to their needs, possibilities and choices. The second driver is rapid scientific and technological advancements in genomebased science and technologies (which is a term that covers the full breadth of knowledge that is being amassed in all ’omics fields [1,2]), information, and information and communication technologies (ICT). The future paradigm in health and healthcare has become increasingly visible in the past 10–15 years and has been commonly defined as ‘personalized medicine’ although the exact definition varies among different stakeholders and opinion leaders. In the ongoing communications, the term personalized medicine comprises two separate and independent approaches. The first approach is based on biomarkers and statistical methods subdividing a heterogeneous group into smaller less heterogeneous groups leading to stratified medicine. The strat ification into smaller and smaller subgroups is limited by the statistical power, and may therefore, not incrementally lead to individualization. The other approach is based on ’omics and other data obtained from the individual in conjunction with computer modeling approaches leading to ‘individualized medicine’. ‘Personalized’ mostly refers to the use of genome-based information and technologies for providing more stratified (and possibly personalized) interventions. Some authors put the emphasis not only on medicine but on healthcare
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