Innovation and Foreign Ownership

Published on Dec 1, 2012in The American Economic Review4.097
· DOI :10.2139/ssrn.1717243
Maria Guadalupe15
Estimated H-index: 15
Olga Kuzmina3
Estimated H-index: 3
(New Economic School),
Catherine Thomas6
Estimated H-index: 6
(LSE: London School of Economics and Political Science)
This paper uses a rich panel dataset of Spanish manufacturing firms (1990-2006) and a propensity score reweighting estimator to show that multinational firms acquire the most productive domestic firms, which, on acquisition, conduct more product and process innovation (simultaneously adopting new machines and organizational practices) and adopt foreign technologies, leading to higher productivity. We propose a model of endogenous selection and innovation in heterogeneous firms that jointly explains the observed selection process and the innovation decisions. Further, we show in the data that innovation on acquisition is associated with the increased market scale provided by the parent firm.
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#1Kalina Manova (University of Oxford)H-Index: 15
#2Shang-Jin Wei (THU: Tsinghua University)H-Index: 68
Last. Zhiwei Zhang (IMF: International Monetary Fund)H-Index: 5
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This paper provides firm-level evidence that credit constraints restrict international trade flows and affect the sectoral pattern of multinational activity. Using detailed customs data from China, we show that foreign affiliates and joint ventures have better export performance than private domestic firms in financially more vulnerable sectors. These results are stronger for destinations with higher trade costs and not driven by variation in firm size or by other sector determinants of FDI. Our...
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This article presents a critical synthesis of the empirical literature on the girl child. The often-cited issues faced by this population include the lack of access to education and health care, commercial sexual exploitation, and harmful cultural practices such as female genital mutila-tion and forced marriage. Despite frequent accounts cited in the literature, there has been no prior comprehensive review of issues encountered by the girl child or accompanying solutions. Adopting the systematic...
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#1Swati Dhingra (LSE: London School of Economics and Political Science)H-Index: 11
Firms face competing needs to expand product variety and reduce production costs. Access to larger markets enables innovation to reduce costs. Although firm scale increases, foreign competition reduces markups. Firms' ability to recapture lost markups depends on the interplay between within-firm competition and across-firm competition. Narrowing product variety eases within-firm competition but lowers market share. I provide a theory detailing the impact of trade policy on product and process in...
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#1Natalia Ramondo (UCSD: University of California, San Diego)H-Index: 12
#2Andrés Rodríguez-Clare (NBER: National Bureau of Economic Research)H-Index: 32
This paper quantifies the gains from openness arising from trade and multinational production (MP). We present a model that captures key dimensions of the interaction between these two flows: trade and MP are competing ways to serve a foreign market, MP relies on imports of intermediate goods from the home country, and foreign affiliates of multinationals can export part of their output. The calibrated model implies that the gains from trade can be twice as high as the gains calculated in trade-...
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#1Nicholas Bloom (Centre for Economic Performance)H-Index: 44
#2Raffaella Sadun (Centre for Economic Performance)H-Index: 23
Last. John Van Reenan (Centre for Economic Performance)H-Index: 61
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The US has experienced a sustained increase in productivity growth since the mid-1990s, particularly in sectors that intensively use information technologies (IT). This has not occurred in Europe. If the US "productivity miracle" is due to a natural advantage of being located in the US then we would not expect to see any evidence of it for US establishments located abroad. This paper shows in fact that US multinationals operating in the UK do have higher productivity than non-US multinationals i...
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A positive correlation between productivity and export market participation has been well documented in producer micro data. Recent empirical studies and theoretical analyses have emphasized that this may reflect the producer's other investment activities, particularly investments in R&D or new technology, that both raise productivity and increase the payoff to exporting. In this paper we develop a dynamic structural model of a producer's decision to invest in R&D and participate in the export m...
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#1Chad Syverson (U of C: University of Chicago)H-Index: 26
Economists have shown that large and persistent differences in productivity levels across businesses are ubiquitous. This finding has shaped research agendas in a number of fields, including (but not limited to) macroeconomics, industrial organization, labor, and trade. This paper surveys and evaluates recent empirical work addressing the question of why businesses differ in their measured productivity levels. The causes are manifold, and differ depending on the particular setting. They include ...
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Several developing countries feature weak performances as exporters of differentiated goods to developed countries. This paper builds a conceptual framework to explain the obstacles that prevent producers of differentiated products from establishing a consistent presence in the developed world and the process through which those obstacles may be overcome. We build our framework based on case studies of export emergence in four Argentine industries: motorboats, television programs, wines, and woo...
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This paper analyzes the effects of cross-border mergers and acquisitions on innovation activities in target firms. The empirical analysis is based on survey and ownership data for a large sample of small- and medium-sized German firms. After controlling for endogeneity and selection bias, we find that foreign acquisitions have a large negative impact on the propensity to perform innovation activities and a negative impact on average R&D expenditures in innovative firms. Furthermore, innovation o...
52 CitationsSource
This paper studies the impact of a regional free trade agreement, MERCOSUR, on technology upgrading by Argentinean firms. To guide empirical work, I introduce technology choice in a model of trade with heterogeneous firms. The joint treatment of the technology and exporting choices shows that the increase in revenues produced by trade integration can induce exporters to upgrade technology. An empirical test of the model reveals that firms in industries facing higher reductions in Brazil's tariff...
686 CitationsSource
Cited By167
#1Yu Wei (Southwest Jiaotong University)
#2Haoxi Nan (Southwest Jiaotong University)
Last. Guiwu Wei (SICNU: Sichuan Normal University)
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Abstract A large amount of literature has addressed the significant effects of some internal and external factors on corporate innovation performance. However, no research in the field of production economics focuses on the plausible impact of employee welfare on innovation performance of manufacturing corporations. Using a large sample data from Chinese listed manufacturing corporations over the period of 2010–2017, this study investigates whether and how employee welfare affects corporate inno...
#1Ling-Yun He (JNU: Jinan University)H-Index: 2
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Abstract With the continuous advancement of economic interaction and vertical specialization in world economics, the importance of processing exports is catching up with ordinary exports. Although environmental consequences of export have been discussed from macro and micro perspectives, the effect of distinct exports, especially processing exports, on the environment at the plant level receives scant attention and remains unclear. To explore the firm-level environmental differences between proc...
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Abstract This research focuses on the investigation of the location determinants of multinational corporations’ investments in EU countries. Investment projects are addressed by making a distinction between greenfield investments and M&A projects. Besides traditional factors (such as market characteristics) the effect of innovation capabilities and the institutional environment are incorporated in the analysis. The use of a multilevel model makes it possible to empirically assess the effect of n...
#1Adolfo Maza (UC: University of Cantabria)H-Index: 15
#2Paula Gutiérrez-Portilla (UC: University of Cantabria)H-Index: 1
Last. José Villaverde Castro (UC: University of Cantabria)H-Index: 16
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#1Young Chul Song (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy)H-Index: 1
#1Youngchul Song (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy)
Last. Sung Hyun Son (Korea Institute for International Economic Policy)
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Abstract This paper investigates the role of geographical proximity on FDI spillovers from foreign to Indian local firms. We use data set of the manufacturing firms between 1988 to 2018 in India, estimating the productivity based on Cobb–Douglas production function. For measuring geographical proximity, the coordinates of each firm, represented to as ‘latitude and longitude’, provided by Google maps geocoding API is used. To conduct spatial analysis, we adopted the revised ‘SINM’ (Spatial Indust...
For several decades, the manufacturing industry has been the pillar industry in terms of economic growth in China. The importance of the manufacturing industry is also highlighted by the numerous policy interventions in favour of this industry. In this paper, we identify the key industrial sectors in terms of technical performances and technological advancements for the period 1999-2007. This represents particular valuable information in the context of policy implementations. The distinguishing ...
#1Jim Goldman (U of T: University of Toronto)H-Index: 1
#1María García-Vega (University of Nottingham)H-Index: 5
#2Oscar Vicente-Chirivella (University of Valencia)
Abstract We investigate how technology transfers from universities to private firms influence firm innovativeness. Using data on R&D acquisitions from universities of more than 10,000 Spanish firms for the period 2005-2013 and applying propensity score matching techniques, we find that technology transfers from universities strongly increase firm innovativeness. We next explore heterogeneous effects in order to analyse whether these gains are mediated by firm size and the business cycle. Our res...