Is Wikipedia growing a longer tail

Published on May 13, 2009 in GROUP (International Conference on Supporting Group Work)
· DOI :10.1145/1531674.1531690
Shyong K. Lam16
Estimated H-index: 16
(UMN: University of Minnesota),
John Riedl60
Estimated H-index: 60
(UMN: University of Minnesota)
Wikipedia has millions of articles, many of which receive little attention. One group of Wikipedians believes these obscure entries should be removed because they are uninteresting and neglected; these are the deletionists. Other Wikipedians disagree, arguing that this long tail of articles is precisely Wikipedia's advantage over other encyclopedias; these are the inclusionists. This paper looks at two overarching questions on the debate between deletionists and inclusionists: (1) What are the implications to the long tail of the evolving standards for article birth and death? (2) How is viewership affected by the decreasing notability of articles in the long tail? The answers to five detailed research questions that are inspired by these overarching questions should help better frame this debate and provide insight into how Wikipedia is evolving.
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Wikipedia is a great example of large scale collaboration, where people from all over the world together build the largest and maybe the most important human knowledge repository in the history. However, a number of studies showed that the quality of Wikipedia articles is not equally distributed. While many articles are of good quality, many others need to be improved. Assessing the quality of Wikipedia articles is very important for guiding readers towards articles of high quality and suggestin...
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