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A locking and holding mechanism for a personal vehicle is composed of a connection device mounted to the vehicle and a receptacle mounted to a solid fixture. The receptacle is configured to directly receive and engage the connection device of the vehicle and, once received, the vehicle is locked to the receptacle held in a stable position. The connection device easily attaches a vehicle to a dock and enables a vehicle management system to charge, lock, hold in place and monitor the vehicle's presence when docked in a charge station. When docked in a charge station, if the status of the vehicle is altered unexpectedly the vehicle is equipped with communication equipment to alert the management system that the vehicle's status has changed. The apparatus identifies a user through an ID device and/or code. A user in good standing accesses a user interface via a communication gateway to secure access to a vehicle by electronically detaching the vehicle from the dock.
Jean Luc Godard1
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A power strip is providing including a housing coupled to a first end portion of a power supply cord, the housing having an electrical receptacle mounted thereto and connected to the power supply cord, the power supply cord having a second end connectable to a power source. A current sensor is coupled to the power supply cord between the electrical receptacle and the second end for detecting elect...
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A system and method for storing, charging and monitoring one or more handheld electronic devices. A cabinet structure is provided that defines compartments. The cabinet structure supports a power supply, a controller, an interface, a camera, and alarms. Cables lead from each of the compartments to the power supply. The cables are terminated in the compartments with a variety of connector heads. Th...
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Kevin Fahrner2
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Leslie Levitt2
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Pablo Echavarria2
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A method for obtaining data and communicating with a bicycle mounted cloud based activity monitor is provided. The method includes accepting into a server a plurality of sensor data and GPS location coordinates from a device attached to a bicycle, wherein the activity monitor communicates data to the cloud server via a wireless coupling. The method further includes writing information relating to ...
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