To See and Be Seen: Celebrity Practice on Twitter:

Published on May 1, 2011in Convergence
· DOI :10.1177/1354856510394539
Alice E. Marwick21
Estimated H-index: 21
danah boyd40
Estimated H-index: 40
Social media technologies let people connect by creating and sharing content. We examine the use of Twitter by famous people to conceptualize celebrity as a practice. On Twitter, celebrity is practiced through the appearance and performance of ‘backstage’ access. Celebrity practitioners reveal what appears to be personal information to create a sense of intimacy between participant and follower, publicly acknowledge fans, and use language and cultural references to create affiliations with followers. Interactions with other celebrity practitioners and personalities give the impression of candid, uncensored looks at the people behind the personas. But the indeterminate ‘authenticity’ of these performances appeals to some audiences, who enjoy the game playing intrinsic to gossip consumption. While celebrity practice is theoretically open to all, it is not an equalizer or democratizing discourse. Indeed, in order to successfully practice celebrity, fans must recognize the power differentials intrinsic to the...
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#1P. David MarshallH-Index: 12
Through a new introduction for this edition, Marshall investigates the viewing public's desire to associate with celebrity and addresses the explosion of instant access to celebrity culture, bringing famous people and their admireres closer than ever before. He explores the concept of the new public intimacy: a product of social media in which celebrities from lady Gaga to Barack Obama are expected to continuously campaing for audiences in new ways. The new introduction also details the developm...
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#1Simone BecqueH-Index: 1
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#1Alice E. Marwick (NYU: New York University)H-Index: 21
#2danah boyd (Microsoft)H-Index: 40
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#1danah boydH-Index: 40
As social network sites like MySpace and Facebook emerged, American teenagers began adopting them as spaces to mark identity and socialize with peers. Teens leveraged these sites for a wide array of everyday social practices - gossiping, flirting, joking around, sharing information, and simply hanging out. While social network sites were predominantly used by teens as a peer-based social outlet, the unchartered nature of these sites generated fear among adults. This dissertation documents my 2.5...
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Jan 1, 2010 in HICSS (Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences)
#1danah boyd (Microsoft)H-Index: 40
#2Scott A. Golder (Microsoft)H-Index: 2
Last. Gilad Lotan (Microsoft)H-Index: 3
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Twitter - a microblogging service that enables users to post messages ("tweets") of up to 140 characters - supports a variety of communicative practices; participants use Twitter to converse with individuals, groups, and the public at large, so when conversations emerge, they are often experienced by broader audiences than just the interlocutors. This paper examines the practice of retweeting as a way by which participants can be "in a conversation." While retweeting has become a convention insi...
1,195 CitationsSource
#1David Beer (Ebor: University of York)H-Index: 17
#2Ruth Penfold-Mounce (Ebor: University of York)H-Index: 7
This article uses a range of media sources to 'follow' or 'trace' the well-known celebrity Miley Cyrus. Through the development of the concept of a new melodramatic imagination the case study develops the methodological potentials of the types of online archives that now exist. In this instance the authors exercise their own melodramatic imaginations to draw out substantive issues relevant to the case of Miley Cyrus. The article therefore has two aims, the first is the exploration of a particula...
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#1Courtenay Honeycutt (IU: Indiana University Bloomington)H-Index: 3
#2Susan C. Herring (IU: Indiana University Bloomington)H-Index: 42
The microblogging service Twitter is in the process of being appropriated for conversational interaction and is starting to be used for collaboration, as well. In order to determine how well Twitter supports user-touser exchanges, what people are using Twitter for, and what usage or design modifications would make it (more) usable as a tool for collaboration, this study analyzes a corpus of naturally-occurring public Twitter messages (tweets), focusing on the functions and uses of the @ sign and...
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#1Vincent Miller (UKC: University of Kent)H-Index: 9
This article will demonstrate how the notion of 'phatic communion' has become an increasingly significant part of digital media culture alongside the rise of online networking practices. Through a consideration of the new media objects of blogs, social networking profiles and microblogs, along with their associated practices, I will argue, that the social contexts of 'individualization' and 'network sociality', alongside the technological developments associated with pervasive communication and ...
217 CitationsSource
Although the growth of celebrity gossip publications has recently outstripped that of the traditionally orientated women's weeklies, comparatively little work exists to account for the meaning and pleasures afforded by these particular texts. Although current research has proposed a textual reading of these magazines, this work has yet to engage with the ways in which audiences make use of such titles. Therefore, the present article will look at heat magazine and examine reader responses to this...
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#1Theresa M. Senft (UEL: University of East London)H-Index: 10
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#1Keren Eyal (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya)H-Index: 6
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The aspiration of young people for fame – a wide public recognition – has risen in recent years. This fame-valuation is a concern for scholars, educators, and parents as it has been linked with teen self-focused aspirations, narcissism, and materialism. This rise in the value of fame has been linked to two trends: teens' increased attraction to celebrities and their use of social networking sites (SNSs). SNSs have changed the landscape of celebrity media presence compared to traditional media an...
#1Nathan John Rodriguez (Weber State University)
In this paper, we present a type of media disorder which we call "`junk news bubbles" and which derives from the effort invested by online platforms and their users to identify and share contents with rising popularity. Such emphasis on trending matters, we claim, can have two detrimental effects on public debates: first, it shortens the amount of time available to discuss each matter; second it increases the ephemeral concentration of media attention. We provide a formal description of the dyna...
#1Caitlin E. LawsonH-Index: 1
#2Jimmy Draper (UM: University of Michigan)H-Index: 4
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This article critically assesses celebrities’ labour on the red carpet, with particular attention to the ways in which they engage with a variety of social and political issues. Through a discursiv...
Abstract Social networking sites (SNSs) have changed the way we mourn. Reactions on SNSs to celebrity death in particular have begun to attract the attention of both academic researchers and the broader media, yet so far linguistic studies thereof remain relatively rare. This study addresses this research gap by examining the pragmatics of Instagram posts labelled #bowie following the death of the musician David Bowie on 10 January 2016. It shows how Instagram users engage in affective stance-ta...
#1Jessica Gall Myrick (PSU: Pennsylvania State University)H-Index: 12
Abstract A nationally representative sample (N = 1050) responded to a survey testing possible connections between Americans' attention to media about President Donald J. Trump's preference for fast food, their perceptions of Trump, and public perceptions and behavioral intentions regarding fast food consumption. This survey utilized measures aimed at integrating theory about audience responses to celebrity health issues with the Theory of Planned Behavior and found a significant positive relatio...
#1Laure Ambroise (University of Lyon)H-Index: 4
#2Noël Albert (KEDGE Business School)H-Index: 8
Les syntheses sur l’endossement sont peu nombreuses alors qu’elles font face a une litterature prolifique et complexe. Notre article propose donc de completer ces rares travaux en presentant une sy...
#1Marta Dynel (University of Łódź)H-Index: 15
#2Fabio Indio Massimo Poppi (University of Łódź)
Last. Fabio I. M. PoppiH-Index: 3
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Abstract This paper reports the findings of a study on the mechanics of insult-retort adjacency pairs in Twitter interactions. The analysis concerns primarily the humorous retorts made by the pornographic entrepreneur Stormy Daniels, who has been pelted with politically-loaded misogynist insults, many of which qualify as slut-shaming. These acts of verbal aggression are the result of her involvement in a legal dispute with President Donald Trump and his former attorney. Based on a carefully coll...
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