HLMdiag: A Suite of Diagnostics for Hierarchical Linear Models in R

Published on Jan 25, 2014in Journal of Statistical Software11.655
· DOI :10.18637/JSS.V056.I05
Adam Loy8
Estimated H-index: 8
Heike Hofmann22
Estimated H-index: 22
Over the last twenty years there have been numerous developments in diagnostic pro- cedures for hierarchical linear models; however, these procedures are not widely imple- mented in statistical software packages, and those packages that do contain a complete framework for model assessment are not open source. The lack of availability of diagnostic procedures for hierarchical linear models has limited their adoption in statistical practice. The R package HLMdiag provides diagnostic tools targeting all aspects and levels of continuous response hierarchical linear models with strictly nested dependence structures fit using the lmer() function in the lme4 package. In this paper we discuss the tools implemented in HLMdiag for both residual and influence analysis.
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#1Adam Loy (Iowa State University)H-Index: 8
#2Heike Hofmann (Iowa State University)H-Index: 22
Hierarchical structures are omnipresent in today's society—this is reflected in the data that we collect on all aspects of this society. Hierarchical linear models allow a representation of structural levels in a statistical modeling framework. Diagnostic tools are used to assess the quality of model estimation and explore features of the data not well described by the model. Residual and influence diagnostics are familiar tools for the classical regression model with independent observations. F...
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influence.ME provides tools for de- tecting influential data in mixed effects mod- els. The application of these models has become common practice, but the development of diag- nostic tools has lagged behind. influence.ME calculates standardized measures of influential data for the point estimates of generalized mixed effects models, such as DFBETAS, Cook's dis- tance, as well as percentile change and a test for changing levels of significance. influence.ME calculates these measures of influence...
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At present, there are many software procedures available that enable statisticians to fit linear mixed models (LMMs) to continuous dependent variables in clustered or longitudinal datasets. LMMs are flexible tools for analyzing relationships among variables in these types of datasets, in that a variety of covariance structures can be used depending on the subject matter under study. The explicit random effects in LMMs allow analysts to make inferences about the variability between clusters or su...
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We consider a generalized leverage matrix useful for the identification of influential units and observations in linear mixed models and show how a decomposition of this matrix may be employed to identify high leverage points for both the marginal fitted values and the random effect component of the conditional fitted values. We illustrate the different uses of the two components of the decomposition with a simulated example as well as with a real data set.
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Preface second edition Preface to first edition Introduction Multilevel analysis Probability models This book Prerequisites Notation Multilevel Theories, Multi-Stage Sampling and Multilevel Models Dependence as a nuisance Dependence as an interesting phenomenon Macro-level, micro-level, and cross-level relations Glommary Statistical Treatment of Clustered Data Aggregation Disaggregation The intraclass correlation Within-group and between group variance Testing for group differences Design effect...
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This article reviews various recently suggested approaches to estimate the random effects distribution in a linear mixed model, i.e. (1) the smoothing by roughening approach of Shen and Louis,1 (2) the semi-non-parametric approach of Zhang and Davidian,2 (3) the heterogeneity model of Verbeke and Lesaffre 3 and (4) a flexible approach of Ghidey et al.4 These four approaches are compared via an extensive simulation study. We conclude that for the considered cases, the approach of Ghidey et al.4 o...
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In this report we provide an overview of the open source Armadillo C++ linear algebra library (matrix maths). The library aims to have a good balance between speed and ease of use, and is useful if C++ is the language of choice (due to speed and/or integration capabilities), rather than another language like Matlab or Octave. In particular, Armadillo can be used for fast prototyping and computationally intensive experiments, while at the same time allowing for relatively painless transition of r...
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ABSTRACTPredictable words tend to be phonetically reduced relative to unpredictable words. Under “listener-oriented” accounts of this phenomenon, the talker has tacit knowledge of their interlocuto...
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AbstractThe increased availability of high-dimensional data, and appeal of a “sparse” solution has made penalized likelihood methods commonplace. Arguably the most widely utilized of these methods ...
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: This paper summarises the detailed information on catch, fork length, weight, sex and maturity of alfonsinos Beryx splendens and Beryx decadactylus collected from targeted surveys in Azores waters, complemented by fishery data, over the past c. 20 years. To date, it was not possible to define if the Azorean component of the population can be considered as a discrete local management unit. The reason for this is the lack of available information for these resources covering the entire spatial d...
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Objective: This study investigates the associations of daily partner responses toward patient's fatigue and well behavior with patient's fatigue interference and relationship satisfaction. The moderating effect of fatigue severity was also examined. Method: In an intensive longitudinal design, patients treated for colorectal cancer and their partners (n = 101 dyads) completed diaries for 14 days. Patients and partners reported on partner responses toward patient's fatigue behavior (e.g., resting...
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Several hypotheses predict that the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) drives mating preference in females. Olfactory, colour or morphological traits are often found as reliable signals of the MHC profile, but the role of avian song mediating MHC‐based female choice remains largely unexplored. We investigated the relationship between several MHC and acoustic features in the collared flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis), a European passerine with complex songs. We screened a fragment of the class...
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The invasive Asian shore crab Hemigrapsus sanguineus is now the second most abundant intertidal crab in the North Sea after the native European green crab Carcinus maenas. To compare their respiratory performance and energy expenditures, we measured standard respiration rates of both species from around the island of Helgoland, North Sea, Germany (54°11′N, 7°53′E) in 2015. Oxygen consumption was recorded in a flow-through setup between 5 and 20 °C. At lower temperatures, H. sanguineus had simila...
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