Citation practices among non-native expert and novice scientific writers

Published on Sep 1, 2011in Journal of English for Academic Purposes1.732
· DOI :10.1016/j.jeap.2011.03.004
Kobra Mansourizadeh2
Estimated H-index: 2
(UTM: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia),
Ummul Khair Ahmad3
Estimated H-index: 3
(UTM: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
Abstract Citation is one of the most prominent features of academic writing through which academic writers both exhibit the breadth of their scholarship in a specific research area and subtly demonstrate their memberships of the disciplinary community. Citations are important rhetorical devices that allow seasoned writers to promote their current research findings persuasively and efficiently. This paper reports the results of a case study on citation practices in 14 research papers written by non-native expert and novice writers who belong to the same discipline and work in a major research university in Malaysia. Different types and functions of citations found in the established scholars’ papers were compared to those of the novice academic writers within the same research field. The findings indicated that types and functions of citations employed were different: novice writers mainly used citation to attribute while the experts used citations strategically to provide support and justify their claims. Novices mainly used citations in isolation whereas expert writers succinctly synthesized various sources and made greater use of non-integral citations. The results of the study could provide better understanding of the rhetorical functions of citations in academic writing and offer pedagogical opportunities for teaching academic writing to novice research writers.
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Citation is a key means by which authors signal their affiliation to their disciplinary community and the place of their work within it. Choices made regarding what work to cite is a crucial aspect of the interpersonal dimension of academic texts, with the act of citing making visible a network of scholarly relations. Citation choices indicate, among other things, an author's estimation of previous work in their field, help to construct the author as a member of his or her disciplinary community...
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Citation function is defined as the author's reason for citing a given paper (e.g. acknowledgement of the use of the cited method). The automatic recognition of the rhetorical function of citations in scientific text has many applications, from improvement of impact factor calculations to text summarisation and more informative citation indexers. We show that our annotation scheme for citation function is reliable, and present a supervised machine learning framework to automatically classify cit...
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Abstract Recent research on academic writing has established the intersection of writing and identity. However, it is not clear whether writers themselves are aware of this link. In this study, we investigated five ESL graduate students’ awareness of the identities that they constructed through the appropriation of others’ words and ideas in their texts. Moving beyond prevalent moral explanations, we further sought alternative reasons for students’ inappropriate textual borrowing practices, ofte...
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Abstract This study investigates the phraseological patterning that occurs in reporting clauses used to make references to others’ research. It examines finite reporting clauses with that -clause complement and draws upon two corpora of theses written by native speakers in contrasting disciplines: approximately 190,000 words in politics/international relations and 300,000 words in materials science. The findings show that both disciplines use significant numbers of these reporting clauses and th...
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Abstract This paper investigates the nature of texts produced for assessment at the highest level of advanced academic literacy: PhD theses. Eight theses from within a single department (Agricultural Botany) at a British university are the subject of study, and the contexts in which these texts were written are investigated through interviews with the supervisors. The notion of a genre of the PhD thesis is problematized and it is argued that a genre-analytic approach can be highly generative. Fi...
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This chapter presents the findings of the investigation into the use of citations in the two major rhetorical sections (viz., the Introduction and LR) of the introductory phase of ERAs in AL and CE. Cross-disciplinary and cross-generic variations in citation density (Sect. 7.2), the use of different types of citation forms (Sect. 7.3.1) and RVs (Sect. 7.4), and the rhetorical functions of citations (Sect. 7.3.2) are the focus of this study. The comparative analysis of citation use on such dimens...
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The foregoing literature review shows that the sections not accounted for in the well-established “IMRD” framework, including the LR section, have long been overlooked by EAP researchers. The long-term dearth of research into identifying the major RA sections from the contemporary research writing practice leaves the status of such sections in the whole RA unclear, let alone their internal structural movements and rhetorical linguistic features. The review of the literature has led to a decision...
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Abstract Citation, an indispensable feature of academic English writing, is often regarded as an indication of the degree of sophistication in academic writing. Building on previous studies that have shown the importance of integral citation in academic writing, this study investigates one of the subcategories of integral citation: “genitive citation” (e.g., Smith's study, where ’s denotes a possessive relationship: the study is in Smith's possession, so Smith is the possessor, study is the poss...
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This chapter reviews the pertinent literature for this study. As the study is mainly concerned with move structure and citation features of the introductory phase of the ERA, the chapter is organized into two parts: genre analysis of RAs as a particular research genre and citation study. The first four sections (Sects. 2.1–2.4) comprise the first part: Sect. 2.1 outlines the conceptualizations of genre and related terminology such as communicative purposes, discourse community, moves, steps and ...
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Abstract Integrated writing and strategy instruction (SI) in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) context have increasingly drawn much research interest in recent years for their strong pedagogical and assessment value. The role of video in integrated writing has also been widely acknowledged for pedagogical and theoretical reasons. However, research on the use of video in integrated writing tasks especially in the EAP context still remains scarce. To address this gap, this paper examines the...
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Academically, citation is pivotal since it presents justifications for the arguments and a demonstration of the writer’s position. Despite the increasing number of studies on citations, little knowledge has been reported regarding the citation use and practices of EFL students within the ESL context. Hence, the present study aimed at investigating the extent of variation in the citation practices in the literature review of PhD theses in Applied Linguistics and Information Technology. The study ...
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ABSTRACTKnowledge construction is a crucial factor in the development of any field of study. While empirical papers sustain knowledge development in a field, systematic analysis of the literature and critiques of influential papers are core components of high-level knowledge construction. The aim of this paper is to critically evaluate Fodness and Murray’s ([1999]. A model of tourist information search behavior. Journal of Travel Research, 37(3), 220–230.) seminal paper on information search and...
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Abstract This study aimed to investigate the role of nativeness and expertise on reporting practices in writing with regards to patterns of use and construction of stance. The study compared four corpora of research articles and papers in the field of applied linguistics written by expert native English writers, Turkish non-native expert English writers, novice native English writers, and Turkish novice non-native English writers. A corpus-based analysis explored the features of these other-sour...