Oscillating improvisation: how entrepreneurial firms create success in foreign market entries over time

Published on Dec 1, 2009in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
· DOI :10.1002/sej.77
Christopher B. Bingham16
Estimated H-index: 16
(UNC: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
This study explores how entrepreneurial firms become successful in foreign market entries over time. The setting is the foreign market entries of entrepreneurial firms with headquarters in Singapore, the U.S., and Finland. There are several findings. Firms with more successful foreign market entries decrease improvisation in opportunity selection but increase improvisation in opportunity execution. In contrast, firms with less successful foreign market entries do the opposite. Intriguingly, data suggest that increased improvisation in opportunity execution may be influenced by decreased improvisation in opportunity selection, whereas decreased improvisation in opportunity execution may be influenced by increased improvisation in opportunity selection. Overall, besides contributing fresh insights about the relationship between improvisation and performance in new venture firms, a central contribution of this study is shedding light on the texture of entrepreneurial cognition and the little known relationship between cognition, action, amended cognitions, and redirected action. Copyright © 2009 Strategic Management Society.
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International strategies vary in their potential to exploit and augment a firm's resources, especially its knowledge base. Resource-based analysis suggests clustering the diverse entry modes in terms of their exploitation and augmentation characteristics. We thus introduce a new categorization of entry modes based on their potential to augment the resources of an entrant. We then explore the antecedents of these modes, and advance testable propositions delimiting for which firms and in which cir...
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In this paper, we argue that geographic location may be one reason why some ventures are able to acquire the resources needed to internationalize while others cannot. We use ecological arguments to predict an inverted U-shaped relationship between the concentration of industry clustering within a geographic location and the venture's internationalization. We also explore whether venture characteristics influence the nature of this relationship. Our hypotheses are regressed on international inten...
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Methodological fit, an implicitly valued attribute of high-quality field research in organizations, has received little attention in the management literature. Fit refers to internal consistency among elements of a research project—research question, prior work, research design, and theoretical contribution. We introduce a contingency framework that relates prior work to the design of a research project, paying particular attention to the question of when to mix qualitative and quantitative data...
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Adaptation almost invariably accompanies the cross-border transfer of firm-specific practices. The existing literature contains two conflicting approaches to adaptation. The first, more traditional approach, following institutional, motivational, and pragmatic efficiency considerations, presumes that a modified practice can be fine tuned, stabilized, and institutionalized without consulting a working example and that practices should thus be adapted as quickly as possible to create fit with the ...
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Cited By71
Abstract Managerial cognition has a fundamental role in the internationalization of firms. However, there exists no coherent understanding of how prior research has examined and captured the cognitive foundations of internationalization. This paper provides a systematic review of this body of literature. The review identifies three main streams of research that, overall, consists of nine more specific research areas. We show that especially the areas addressing (1) managerial learning, (2) chara...
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Research partnerships between university researchers and industry partners are becoming increasingly prevalent. For university researchers, maintaining autonomy is crucial. We explore how researchers strategically manage autonomy in collaborative research partnerships, using a framework to distinguish strategically planned and opportunity-driven behaviour in the process of selecting partners and executing research in partnerships. We then focus on the management of autonomy in setting research d...
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A substantial body of work views initial foreign market entries (FMEs) as intentional and deliberately planned by proactive decision-makers. However, research suggests that FMEs may also occur sere...
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The opportunity has become a central concept in International Entrepreneurship (IE) literature, and there is now a critical mass of literature focused on entrepreneurial behaviors of pursuing opportunities across national borders. However, scholars claim that research on these opportunity-related behaviors should consider a multilevel analysis where the interaction between the contexts, entrepreneurial action, and the opportunities can be clarified. From a multilevel analysis, the present study ...
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ABSTRACTThis study utilizes a multiple-case analysis to examine the decision-making processes surrounding buyout decisions of small-to-medium businesses. Qualitative data were generated from semist...
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Abstract This study uses goal orientation theory to investigate why managers of international new ventures make adaptations to markets served, entry modes used, and the organization. We use the case method to identify the international adaptation behaviours of six new ventures and managers’ explanations regarding those adaptations. We infer two different profiles of managerial goal orientation. The goal orientation associated with proving one’s competence is common across managers, but firms onl...
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#1Christopher B. Bingham (UNC: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)H-Index: 16
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We extend research on the speed of new venture internationalisation by distinguishing between effectual and non-effectual (i.e. causal) network-building approaches, and conceptualising their differ...
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