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Wireless Network Security
  • Wireless Network Security
    Year: 2009
Wireless networks technologies have been dramatically improved by the popularity of third generation (3G) wireless networks, wireless LANs, Bluetooth, and sensor networks. However, security is a major concern for wide deployments of such wireless networks. The contributions to this volume identify various vulnerabilities in the physical layer, the MAC layer, the IP layer, the transport layer, and the application layer, and discuss ways to strengthen security mechanisms and services in all these layers. The topics covered in this book include intrusion detection, secure PHY/MAC/routing protocols, attacks and prevention, immunization, key management, secure group communications/multicast, secure location services, monitoring and surveillance, anonymity, privacy, trust establishment/management, redundancy and security, and dependable wireless networking.
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Ronald L. Rivest1
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Joby T. Sebastian1
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A method and apparatus for selecting an optimum gateway for a mobile client are described. The mobile client receives an acknowledgement from a home agent, indicating that the mobile client has moved from the home agent to a foreign agent. An optimum gateway is then determined from several gateways and then selected for the mobile client.
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Jesse Walker1
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Akli Adjaoute1
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The present invention provides systems and methods for dynamic detection and prevention of electronic fraud and network intrusion using an integrated set of intelligent technologies. The intelligent technologies include neural networks, multi-agents, data mining, case-based reasoning, rule-based reasoning, fuzzy logic, constraint programming, and genetic algorithms. The systems and methods of the present invention involve a fraud detection and prevention model that successfully detects and preve...
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Neeraj Garg7
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(BlackBerry Limited)
A system and method are provided that utilize a mechanism for electronic communication group deletion based on the detection of the completion of the purpose of an event as specified upon creation of the electronic communication group. By specifying the expiry date of a group at the time of creation and notifying members of the expiry date, complete deletion of the group can be performed on the server side to conserve memory, while enabling group members to save content locally before the group ...
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David D. Otten1
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Methods for operating a wireless communications system provided for reducing the use of the system by unauthorized users by establishing the geographical location of selected user, comparing this location with the known locations of authorized users and denying service to the selected user if the selected user's location does not correspond to the known location of authorized users. Seamless hand-over of a user between nodes of the communication system is effected by periodically recomputing a a...
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Eric C. Hannah22
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David L. Tennenhouse6
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Wireless network devices can obtain their geographical location by triangulating with access points that have precise time information. In response to a location prompt, a wireless device can send a transmission to multiple access points that are within its range. The different times at which the transmission is received at different access points can be collected and forwarded to a server, which can compute the location of the wireless device using triangulation techniques. The access points ca...
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