The influence of drum chipper configuration on the quality of wood chips

Published on May 1, 2014in Biomass & Bioenergy3.537
· DOI :10.1016/j.biombioe.2014.03.011
Mitja Krajnc1
Estimated H-index: 1
Bojan Dolšak11
Estimated H-index: 11
(University of Maribor)
Abstract The efficiency of adequately chosen and monitored technology during the production of wood chips is shown by the quantity of energy stored within the wood fuel, and in the manufacture and preparation costs per product unit. Several influential material, construction, and technological parameters have to be encountered during the production of wood chips when using a mobile drum chipper. A set of different experiments regarding the production of wood chips using a drum chipper were made in order to find the more suitable combinations of production parameters (technological and constructional) for different types of inputted materials (hard round wood, soft round wood, and branches). By monitoring the energy contents within different kinds of wood chips, it was determined that soft wood biomass having rougher structures and hard wood biomass having finer structures are more suitable for larger systems. Dust particles within the wood fractions are undesirable; however constant forms and size–structures regarding wood chips are welcome. The aim of our research was to build a decision model that would help a user to choose the right combination of parameters on a drum chipper, thus ensuring the production of wood fuel with characteristics close to the desired optimum, yet at minimum production costs.
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Racunalno potpomognuto podupiranje odluka u konstruiranju proizvoda Izvorni znanstveni clanak Konstruiranje proizvoda složena je disciplina, koja prolazi kroz preobrazbu iz neformalnog i na iskustvu temeljenog podrucja na znanstveno orijentirano podrucje. Racunalna inteligencija može napraviti znacajan doprinos u procesu konstruiranja proizvoda. Sve vise je naime ocito, da dodavanje inteligencije postojecim racunalnim alatima, kao sto su sustavi za racunalom podržano konstruiranje, može dovesti ...
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Abstract The Authors set out to determine the particle-size distribution, the fiber and bark content, and the heating value of a wide sample of wood chips, collected from 60 commercial biomass terminals active in Northern Italy. This sample was meant to represent a cross-section of the Italian fuel chip market, and focused on four main feedstock types: sawmill residues, logging residues, small trees and short rotation coppice (SRC). Overall, the Authors collected 300 samples, each weighing appro...
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Abstract Nowadays wood should be of principal sources of biomass. This wood is transformed into chips in order to increase automatic operations and to decrease the technical effort needed at the energy conversion plant. Typical high quality chips, which are used to feed small woodchip boilers, vary in size from 10 × 10 × 5 mm to 15 × 15 × 8 mm. Chips that are relatively square and flat are easily conveyed, augured, and fed into the system smoothly. We are mainly interested in the raw material of...
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A study was conducted to determine the effect of some wood characteristics such as species, moisture content and tree part on the performance and product quality offered by a mobile industrial chipper, of the type commonly used for roadside chipping. Two main species, two tree parts and two moisture content levels were combined in a factorial design yielding 8 treatments, each replicated 5 or 6 times. A flow meter was installed on the chipper engine, and all chips produced were weighed and sampl...
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In this paper an analytical review and the results of experimental studies of plant biomass production and its usage as an environmentally friendly local fuel are presented. Such fuels contain virtually no sulfur, and the carbon dioxide released during burning is the natural carbon cycle. An analytical review of experimental research results of growing and burning herbaceous and woody energy plants is given with evaluation and comparison with the emissions of harmful substances into the air whil...
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Most renewable energy sources depend to some extent on use of other, non-renewable sources. In this study we explore use of diesel fuel in producing and transporting woody biomass in the state of New Hampshire, USA. We use two methods to estimate the diesel fuel used in woody biomass production: 1) a calculation based on case studies of diesel consumption in different parts of the wood chip supply chain, and 2) to support extrapolating those results to a regional system, an econometric study of ...
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The study investigated the effect of wearing chipper knives on machine productivity, fuel consumption and particles size distribution. The test included two different tree species (poplar and pine), two tree parts (branches and logs) and two screen types (large and medium). Chip quality was defined by CEN international technical standards. Knife wear causes a significant reduction of chipping productivity and a remarkable increase of fuel consumption. The replacement of the standard wide mesh sc...
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The growing interest in forest biomass has made chipping increasingly popular all across Europe. Many operators have equipped for the purpose, but the large variety of working conditions found in the European forests makes it difficult to correctly estimate the productivity of each specific operation, leading to uncertainty in crucial decisions, such as: operation scheduling, price setting, machinery selection and acquisition. In 2001, the Italian National Council for Research (CNR) and the Univ...
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The cultivation of fast-growing wood (e.g., poplar, willow or black locust) in short rotation coppices and agroforestry systems presents an opportunity for producing biomass sustainably in the agricultural sector. Cost-efficient agricultural wood production requires the availability of high-performance machinery and methods with which high-quality wood chips can be produced at low cost. It is known from harvesting short rotation coppices in practice that both the wood chip quality and the perfor...
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Abstract The exploitation of wood biomass for thermal energy production often represents an effective complementary source to petroleum, especially where there is the availability of extended forests. Focusing the attention on household plants, the wood pellet currently constitutes a widespread biofuel, which however is characterized by non-negligible production costs. Wood microchips constitute a recently developed alternative, which compensates its inferior characteristics by an easier product...
Last. Antonina KalinichenkoH-Index: 4
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The mechanism of influence of screen design parameters on the technological process and the particle size distribution of the chopped biomass were determined in this research. The presented engineering solutions make it possible to design the screen for chopping the given biomass material. The modernized construction expands the scope of application of small-sized chopper, especially when used in private farm households. Size control of the chopped material allows to use material as fuel, materi...
Wood chips from logging residues are a renewable solid fuel that has become widely used in the energy sector. The current work presents a review of European papers on various aspects of wood chips production published in the years 2005–2018. The effects of the comminution method on the quality and energy parameters of the resulting wood chips were analysed. Most authors identified terrain and roadside chipping as the optimum technologies from the energy viewpoint. Furthermore, seasonal changes i...
ABSTRACTThe objectives of this study were to examine the new hybrid technology chipper, Kesla C 860 H in comparison to two conventionally diesel-powered chippers, when chipping conifer pulpwood and logging residues. Productivity, fuel consumption and quality of the chips were measured and analyzed. During the time studies, both the chipper and hybrid system were working well. Chip quality was good and met the demands of small-scale residential boiler users. The average chipping productivity of t...
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Abstract Many obstacles hamper the full exploitation of pruning residues for energy. Among these, harvesting is a crucial point in the development of a sustainable supply, because it greatly affects the quality of the fuel and profitability of production. In normal forestry operations, drum or disk chippers are the tools most frequently used for comminution. A new chipper has been designed which can collect different pruning residues produced under different field conditions and reduce them to a...
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The particle size distribution of wood chips, along with the moisture content, are some of the main parameters for defining the quality of most wood fuels. A new experimental rotor, pow ered by the self-propelled forage harvester Claas Jaguar was developed by the Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l'analisi dell'economia agraria (CRA), Agricultural Engineering Research Unit (CRA-ING). The rotor allowed for improved dimensional features of wood chips. The comminution achieved with the CRA–...
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Biomass-related products are obtaining a growing interest as renewable energy sources as alternative to the fossil fuels (as oil and carbon) directly responsible for the global pollution and greenhouse gas effect. In particular wood and wood chips are interesting green energy resources. Various processing machines are used in the handling and production chain of those materials. Comminution process is one of the most critical phases because often requires a great amount of energy. Furthermore th...
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