Communication. Improving RNs' organizational and professional identification in managed care hospitals.

Published on Feb 1, 2002in Journal of Nursing Administration1.206
· DOI :10.1097/00005110-200202000-00010
Julie Apker1
Estimated H-index: 1
Dorothy H. Fox2
Estimated H-index: 2
Nurse administrators are searching for an expanded repertoire of strategies to attract and retain qualified nursing staff in today's managed care environment. This study examined hospital registered nurses' interpretations of managed care and the effects of those views on nurses' identification with their employing organization and the nursing profession. Findings show that nurses held greater identification with their occupation than their organization. Significant factors influencing nurses'attachment to both of these reference groups included uncertainty about managed care changes, information received about managed care changes, and effects of managed care on the nursing role. Communication principles and strategies are presented to nurse leaders for use in fostering a stronger organizational affiliation among staff nurses while maintaining a strong identification with the nursing profession.
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This paper aims to present the results of a study into the relationship between horizontal and vertical communication and professional and organisational identification.
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Enhanced team communication may strengthen nurses' attachment to their organizations and teams and improve nurse retention. This study examines the relationships among nurse–team communication, identification (organizational and team), and intent to leave. Hospital nurses (N = 201) completed surveys measuring 3 nurse–team communication processes: promoting team synergy, ensuring quality decisions, and individualizing communication. Hierarchical regression analyses revealed that promoting team sy...
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>> The literature on identification in organizations is surprisingly diverse and large. This article reviews the literature in terms of four fundamental questions. First, under “What is identification?,” it outlines a continuum from narrow to broad formulations and differentiates situated identification from deep identification and organizational identification from organizational commitment. Second, in answer to “Why does identification matter?,” it discusses individual and organizational outco...
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#1Julie Apker (WMU: Western Michigan University)H-Index: 14
#2Kathleen M. Propp (WMU: Western Michigan University)H-Index: 4
Last. Nancee HofmeisterH-Index: 2
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This study explored how nurses communicate professionalism in interactions with members of their health care teams. Extant research show that effective team communication is a vital aspect of a positive nursing practice environment, a setting that has been linked to enhanced patient outcomes. Although communication principles are emphasized in nursing education as an important component of professional nursing practice, actual nurse interaction skills in team-based health care delivery remain un...
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