Multiple regression as a general data-analytic system.

Published on Jan 1, 1968in Psychological Bulletin16.405
· DOI :10.1037/h0026714
Jacob Cohen65
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(York University)
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#1Norman R. DraperH-Index: 40
#2Harry SmithH-Index: 9
Basic Prerequisite Knowledge. Fitting a Straight Line by Least Squares. Checking the Straight Line Fit. Fitting Straight Lines: Special Topics. Regression in Matrix Terms: Straight Line Case. The General Regression Situation. Extra Sums of Squares and Tests for Several Parameters Being Zero. Serial Correlation in the Residuals and the Durbin--Watson Test. More of Checking Fitted Models. Multiple Regression: Special Topics. Bias in Regression Estimates, and Expected Values of Mean Squares and Sum...
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I Multivariate Method and Theory Construction.- 1 Psychological Theory and Scientific Method.- 1. The Role of Methodology in Science.- 2. Design of This Book.- 3. Some Major Historical Springs of Methodological Tradition.- 4. What Is and What Might Be in Present-Day Research Method Concepts.- 5. The Nature of the Inductive-Hypothetico-Deductive (IHD) Method in Science.- 6. Summary.- References.- 2 The Principles of Experimental Design and Analysis in Relation to Theory Building.- 1. The Six Basi...
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1 Introduction.- 1 Case of two means.- 2 Error rates.- 2.1 Probability of a nonzero family error rate.- 2.2 Expected family error rate.- 2.3 Allocation of error.- 3 Basic techniques.- 3.1 Repeated normal statistics.- 3.2 Maximum modulus (Tukey).- 3.3 Bonferroni normal statistics.- 3.4 ?2 projections (Scheffe).- 3.5 Allocation.- 3.6 Multiple modulus tests (Duncan).- 3.7 Least significant difference test (Fisher).- 4 p-mean significance levels.- 5 Families.- 2 Normal Univariate Techniques.- 1 Stud...
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#1George W. SnedecorH-Index: 1
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ABSTRACT This paper is concerned with the solution of typical analysis of variance problems using general purpose multiple regression computer programs. Specific models, restrictions on the parameters for hypothesis testing, and computational aspects are discussed. It is argued that this approach has many pedagogical advantages over traditional procedures.
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#1Edward E. Cureton (UT: University of Tennessee)H-Index: 15
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#1William Lee HaysH-Index: 2
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#1B. J. Winer (Purdue University)H-Index: 7
CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Design CHAPTER 2: Principles of Estimation and Inference: Means and Variance CHAPTER 3: Design and Analysis of Single-Factor Experiments: Completely Randomized Design CHAPTER 4: Single-Factor Experiments Having Repeated Measures on the Same Element CHAPTER 5: Design and Analysis of Factorial Experiments: Completely-Randomized Design CHAPTER 6: Factorial Experiments: Computational Procedures and Numerical Example CHAPTER 7: Multifactor Experiments Having Repeated Measur...
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Abstract The use of dummy variables requires the imposition of additional constraints on the parameters of regression equations if determinate estimates are to be obtained. Among the possible constraints the most useful are (a) to set the constant term of the equation to zero, or (b) to omit one of the dummy variables from the equation. In working with a single system of classes either constraint can be used, and results from the application of one are readily derived from those obtained from th...
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#1Julian D. Karch (LEI: Leiden University)
#1Julian David KarchH-Index: 4
Last. Manuel C. VoelkleH-Index: 16
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In this article, we extend the Bayesian nonparametric regression method Gaussian Process Regression to the analysis of longitudinal panel data. We call this new approach Gaussian Process Panel Modeling (GPPM). GPPM provides great flexibility because of the large number of models it can represent. It allows classical statistical inference as well as machine learning inspired predictive modeling. GPPM offers frequentist and Bayesian inference without the need to resort to Markov chain Monte Carlo-...
Among many perspectives in discussions of design, this study re-asserts the relation between intuition and reasoning. The aim is to comprehend the role of intuition and reasoning in the design process. In order to do this, retrospective self-reports of the first year, rule-based architectural design studio students were utilized. Based on these reports, students’ design activities were analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. A mapping technique provided by Graph Commons, for data visuali...
#1Kunal Jani (Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology)H-Index: 1
#2Mainak Chaudhuri (Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology)H-Index: 1
Last. Manan Shah (Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University)H-Index: 8
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In most of the countries of the world, before a film is displayed in a theatre, it is mandatory to receive permission from the censor board. The job of a censor board is to evaluate a film, check for inappropriate content, judge the film and assign a rating to the film. In the present, human beings watch a film and rate the film based on how appropriate it would be to display the film to the general audience. With the growing range of application of image and text processing the objective of thi...
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ABSTRACTPast studies have indicated students who have disabilities are at a higher risk of experiencing bullying victimization in comparison to other student groups. Extracurricular activity partic...
#1Nicholas M. Watanabe (USC: University of South Carolina)H-Index: 7
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Recent protests by athletes focused on raising awareness of social issues and injustices, such as the Black Lives Matter protests led by Colin Kaepernick of the National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers, have generated a great deal of attention and debate within society. Notably, the protests conducted by these players before games in the 2016 and 2017 seasons became such a sensational topic, that extraordinary amounts of attention was paid to it by the media, consumers, and even politician...
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#1Larry J. WilliamsH-Index: 30
#2Ernest H. O'BoyleH-Index: 20
Last. Jia YuH-Index: 1
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Structural equation modeling (SEM) serves as one of the most important advances in the social sciences in the past 40 years. Through a combination of factor analysis and path analysis, SEM allows organizational researchers to test causal models while accounting for random and nonrandom (bias) measurement error. SEM is now one of the most commonly used analytic techniques and its modern day ubiquity can be traced in large part to a series of intellectual contributions by Larry James. The current ...
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#1Kendal N. Smith (UNT: University of North Texas)
#2Kristen N. Lamb (UW: University of Washington)H-Index: 1
Last. Robin K. Henson (UNT: University of North Texas)H-Index: 28
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Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) is a statistical method used to examine group differences on multiple outcomes. This article reports results of a review of MANOVA in gifted education jou...
#1Zheng Tan (CUHK: The Chinese University of Hong Kong)H-Index: 4
#2Kevin Ka-Lun Lau (CUHK: The Chinese University of Hong Kong)H-Index: 16
Last. Edward Ng (CUHK: The Chinese University of Hong Kong)H-Index: 33
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Elderly populations in Asian countries are expected to increase rapidly in the next few decades. Older adults, particularly in high-density cities, spend a considerable amount of time in urban green spaces (UGSs). The World Health Organization noted that UGSs are key to improving the age-friendliness of neighborhoods. Thus, it is necessary to design UGSs for the promotion of healthy ageing to enhance preventive healthcare and relieve medical burdens. This study conducted interviews using a quest...
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#1Gökhan Güven (Muğla University)H-Index: 3
#2Nevin Kozcu Çakir (Muğla University)H-Index: 1