A multi-theory approach to understanding the business process outsourcing decision

Published on Jul 1, 2015in Journal of World Business
· DOI :10.1016/j.jwb.2014.08.009
Martina Gerbl2
Estimated H-index: 2
Ronan McIvor33
Estimated H-index: 33
(Ulster University)
+ 1 AuthorsPaul Humphreys37
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(Ulster University)
This paper proposes a framework for understanding location distance and governance model choice in the business process outsourcing (BPO) decision. Much of the current international business (IB) literature employs location-specific factors alone to explain the BPO decision, and this literature is dominated by studies of the offshore location option, with limited attention given to the local and nearshore location distance options as alternatives to offshoring. The framework proposed here was developed from integrating firm-level and process-level factors with location attractiveness factors, and undertaking in-depth case study analysis of a number of German companies. The findings highlight the value of integrating firm-level and process-level factors with location attractiveness factors to understand location distance and governance model choice in the BPO decision, and support those who have argued that existing frameworks in this area cannot fully explain the complexities of the BPO decision. Moreover, the findings provide important insights into how these factors interact to influence location distance and governance model choice. The proposed BPO framework also provides a useful basis for practical prescription.
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Research has shown that offshore outsourcing processes may influence the behavior and strategic choices of firms, but little is known about the determining factors that influence the evolution and outcomes of those processes. Furthermore, longitudinal studies able to generate such insights are lacking. This paper suggests a detailed, activity-based approach to the study of the process of offshore outsourcing of high-value, advanced service activities. While earlier research has considered either...
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Cited By18
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The study sought to determine the effects of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) on service quality of catering services in the tertiary education industry. Specifically, the outcome variables were ...
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This study develops a capability perspective of offshoring. While previous research shows that experience affects future offshoring decisions, we still lack an understanding of what offshoring management capability is and how organizations develop it. Using data on five Dutch IT service providers, we find that offshoring management capability is multidimensional as it comprises four dimensions: coordination competency, relationship development, relationship design, and organizational identificat...
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For over four decades the Eclectic Paradigm has experienced a myriad of interdisciplinary advancements and evolved into an ever-broader and complex accumulation of different macro- and micro-level concepts. Despite its persistent validity for research on multinational enterprise activity, subject-related studies have often failed to correlate to previous findings and have independently drawn upon various versions of the Eclectic Paradigm, which exacerbates the comparability of the respective res...
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#1Payam Hanafizadeh (Chalmers University of Technology)
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During the recent decades, some academic research on the subject of information technology outsourcing (ITO) decision has appeared in different outlets, which may impede the use of such resources and as a result, repetition of research by various researchers is very likely. The purpose of this paper is then to conduct a systematic literature review (SLR) pertaining to research on ITO decision. Then, this review intends to 1) classify ITO decision literature, 2) provide a list of factors affectin...
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Even though supply chain agility (SCA) has been considered an essential concept in supply chain management (SCM) research, the way it is experienced and manifested, especially by small and medium-s...
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#2Andrea CalabròH-Index: 17
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Abstract International sourcing decisions have received increased attention by scholars and policymakers recently as they are important predictors of firms' international competitiveness. Building on the theoretical perspective of socioemotional wealth, we introduce the distinction between family and non-family firms as an overlooked variable able to explain heterogeneous international make-or-buy choices. Using a sample of 1180 European firms, we find that family firms are more likely to engage...
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#2Fernando Muñoz-Bullón (Charles III University of Madrid)H-Index: 15
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Abstract The offshoring phenomenon has evolved in recent years, and can be understood from a threefold perspective: first, the evolution in the type of activity being offshored; second, the learning curve involving both the companies implementing offshoring and service providers; and third, the reasons for offshoring. This study proposes an empirical framework that will allow us to explore the interaction between the type of activity (specifically knowledge-intensive) and the drivers of the deci...
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ABSTRACTInformation Technology Outsourcing (ITO) is a good strategy for firms in general and banking institutions, in particular to reduce operating costs and improve competitiveness, but it remains complex for businesses to scientifically select the appropriate ITO strategy. In this paper, after doing an in-depth literature review, based on the technology, organization, and environment (TOE) framework, 23 factors are identified as influencing factors on e-banking channels’ outsourcing decision....
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Digitalization and the Internet changed our life. Many phenomena are responsible for this change. A relatively new one is crowdsourcing. Companies such as Amazon or Procter and Gambles use crowdsourcing successfully. The change will continue and we need to fully understand this subject to use the potential offered by this new phenomenon. This literature review summarizes and structures the crowdsourcing literature with focusing on the crowdsourcability of tasks. We analyzed the outsourcing liter...