Calibrated fuzzy AHP for current bank account selection

Published on Jul 1, 2013in Expert Systems With Applications4.292
· DOI :10.1016/j.eswa.2012.12.089
Alessio Ishizaka26
Estimated H-index: 26
(University of Portsmouth),
Nam Hoang Nguyen1
Estimated H-index: 1
(University of Portsmouth)
Fuzzy AHP is a hybrid method that combines Fuzzy Set Theory and AHP. It has been developed to take into account uncertainty and imprecision in the evaluations. Fuzzy Set Theory requires the definition of a membership function. At present, there are no indications of how these membership functions can be constructed. In this paper, a way to calibrate the membership functions with comparisons given by the decision-maker on alternatives with known measures is proposed. This new technique is illustrated in a study measuring the most important factors in selecting a student current account.
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Cited By59
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Abstract Managing complex construction projects is a challenging task because it involves multiple factors and decision-making processes. A systematic evaluation of these complex factors is imperative for achieving project success. As most of these factors are qualitative or intangible in nature, decision makers often rely on subjective judgements when comparing and evaluating them. The hybrid techniques that integrate fuzzy set theory and the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) are able to deal wi...
The decision making problem considered in this paper is to rank n alternatives from the best to the worst, using the information given by the decision maker in the form of an \(n\times n\) pairwise comparison matrix. Here, we deal with pairwise comparison matrices with fuzzy elements. Fuzzy elements of the pairwise comparison matrix are applied whenever the decision maker is not sure about the value of his/her evaluation of the relative importance of elements in question. We investigate pairwise...
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