The transaction costs theory in international business research: a bibliometric study over three decades

Published on Mar 1, 2014in Scientometrics2.77
· DOI :10.1007/s11192-013-1172-8
Manuel Portugal Ferreira13
Estimated H-index: 13
(IPN: Instituto Politécnico Nacional),
Cláudia Frias Pinto3
Estimated H-index: 3
Fernando Ribeiro Serra10
Estimated H-index: 10
Transaction costs theory (TCT) has long been an important conceptual lens for examining International Business (IB) phenomena and perhaps especially relevant for the study of multinational corporations, entry mode choices and location selection. In this paper we examine the extent to which TCT been used and has impacted IB research. Methodologically, we conduct a bibliometric study of the articles published on nine top journals for publishing IB-related research. We use Jean-Francois Hennart's research as the key marker for TCT in IB research given that Hennart's work has been a hallmark in the discipline. On a sample of 377 articles published between 1982 and 2010, and using the works rather than the authors as the unit of analysis, we analyze citations, co-citations and a spatial visualization of the intellectual research themes delved into. Our analyses provide insights on the influence of Hennart but more broadly of TCT on IB research over the past three decades. We conclude that the TCT has a pervasive influence on a large array of IB research and that Hennart's work is boundary-spanning, connecting several research themes.
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#2Nuno Rosa ReisH-Index: 5
Last. Fernando Ribeiro SerraH-Index: 10
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In this chapter we examine the extant research in international business (IB) by conducting a bibliometric study of the articles published in three leading IB journals – International Business Review, Journal of International Business Studies and Management International Review, over their entire track record of publication available in the ISI – Institute for Scientific Information. In longitudinal analyses of citation data we ascertain the most relevant works of the IB field. We also identify ...
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Conferences play a major role for the development of scientific domains. While journal and article contributions in the field of international business (IB) are a general and well researched area of scientometric studies, conferences are not. The absence of a systematic assessment of international business conferences as a reference to the collective status of the Academy of International Business (AIB) community is astonishing. Whatever reasons are accountable for that fact, this paper starts t...
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Innovation is becoming increasingly popular as a concept as well as a field of research. As a field, it has accumulated a significant amount of scientific knowledge. Based on bibliometric data from four major social science disciplines—economics, sociology, psychology, and management—this study presents a ‘global view’ of the field by combining longitudinal and structural perspectives. It identifies major research traditions in the field, determines the content and disciplinary composition of ea...
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Last. Martinho Isnard Ribeiro de Almeira (USP: University of São Paulo)H-Index: 1
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DOI: Neste artigo, analisou-se a contribuicao para a pesquisa em negocios internacionais da obra de Peter Buckley e Mark Casson, de 1976, The future of the multinational enterprise. Nessa obra, os autores conceitualizam uma das teorias fundacionais da pesquisa em negocios internacionais nas ultimas tres decadas: a teoria da internalizacao. Neste estudo bibliometrico analisou-se todo o historico de publicacoes na revista lider – o Journal of Intern...
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We argue that the creation of new knowledge is both difficult and rare. More specifically, we posit that the creation of new knowledge is dominated by a few key insights that challenge the way people think about an idea; generating high interest and use. We label this the blockbuster hypothesis. Using two large samples of published management studies over the period 1998---2007 we find support for the blockbuster hypothesis. We also find that numerous studies in the leading management journals a...
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Last. Quyen T.K. Nguyen (University of Reading)H-Index: 10
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As the field of international business has matured, there have been shifts in the core unit of analysis. First, there was analysis at country level, using national statistics on trade and foreign direct investment (FDI). Next, the focus shifted to the multinational enterprise (MNE) and the parent’s firm specific advantages (FSAs). Eventually the MNE was analysed as a network and the subsidiary became a unit of analysis. We untangle the last fifty years of international business theory using a cl...
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#2Lars Hfikanson (UQ: University of Queensland)H-Index: 37
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Macro-environmental trends such as technological changes, declining trade and investment barriers, and globalizing forces impacting both markets and production worldwide point to the heightened importance of international business (IB) and the relevance of IB research today. Despite this, a leading scholar has expressed concerns that the IB research agenda could be `running out of steam' (Buckley, Journal of International Business Studies 33(2):365---373, 2002), prompting on-going introspection ...
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#1John H. DunningH-Index: 64
#2Sarianna M. LundanH-Index: 15
This is the second edition of the celebrated volume by Professor John H. Dunning, first published in 1993, which has now been not only updated but also enriched with the addition of a number of new topics. This addition was not least due to the expertise of the co-author, Sarianna Lundan, in the institutional aspects of international business and the internal governance of transnational corporations (TNCs). It is a comprehensive synthesis of all the theories in International Business based on ex...
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I discuss the cross-fertilization between transaction cost theory (TCT) and international business (IB), showing how TCT provides a powerful lens to study the institutions that organize international interdependencies, and especially multinational enterprises (MNEs). I then discuss some of the insights that IB can provide for the further development of TCT. I argue that a full explanation of why MNEs exist must rely on information asymmetry as well as asset specificity, and that the study of mod...
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#1Len J. Trevino (Loyola University New Orleans)H-Index: 14
#2Franklin G. Mixon (Columbus State University)H-Index: 21
Last. Andrew C. Inkpen (ASU: Arizona State University)H-Index: 36
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This study ranks academic institutions and scholars in international business based on publications in International Business Review, International Marketing Review, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of International Management, Journal of International Marketing, Management International Review, Journal of World Business, and 22 elite mainstream academic journals between 1996 and 2008. In contrast to earlier rankings that did not include international business scholarship from ...
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Cited By24
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#1Mohamed M. Mostafa (Gulf University for Science and Technology)H-Index: 23
Abstract In this comprehensive review we analyze the intellectual structure of the halal food research based on 290 Web of Science (WoS) core collection documents written by 633 authors from 41 countries over three decades (1990–2019). The review adopts a knowledge domain visualization technique to explore the basic bibliometric/scientometric profile of the field, its influential authors, its core journals, its representative references, its collaborative patterns, its research hotspots/emerging...
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#1Salman Bahoo (University of Udine)H-Index: 1
Last. Andrea Paltrinieri (University of Udine)H-Index: 4
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Abstract We systematically reviewed the literature on corruption in international business (137 articles) for the last 17 years between 1992 and 2019. Additionally, we identified seven research streams in this growing literature: (1) the legislation against corruption, (2) the determinants of corruption, (3) combating corruption, 4) the effect of corruption on firms, (5) the political environment and corruption, (6) corruption as a challenge to existing theories of management, and (7) the effect...
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The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on corporate reputation and internationalization to identify key research theories, contexts, characteristics, methodologies, applications, limitations and opportunities for future research on the interlinks between these two complex constructs.,Elements of systematic literature review and bibliometric analysis were used to analyze theories, contexts, characteristics, methodologies and opportunities for future research based on 90 articles pu...
#1Yanto Chandra (CityU: City University of Hong Kong)H-Index: 12
#2Richard M. Walker (CityU: City University of Hong Kong)H-Index: 43
ABSTRACT:Bibliographic methods offer an advanced microscope-like tool to probe specific fields of inquiry. In this article, we use these methodological tools to demonstrate how a seminal article di...
The purpose of this paper was to investigate antecedents and results of strategic choices of multinational corporation (MNC) subsidiaries in Croatia economy. Hence, the authors examined knowledge management and its association with performance. Additionally, they explored which of the strategies will be most likely chosen by subsidiaries in transitional economies that are characterized by market volatility and uncertainty.,Data were collected from a survey of 131 MNC subsidiaries operating in Cr...
#1Brady Lund (ESU: Emporia State University)H-Index: 1
Abstract Theories of information behavior have been developed and used in a variety of disciplines to describe the needs, seeking/search/sharing behaviors, and uses of information among individuals and groups in a variety of contexts. While the development of a theory is a complex, evolutionary process, often involving many thinkers over a long period of time, there is generally a single or small group of publications that can be pointed to as the genesis of a theory. The genesis publications fo...
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Abstract Research on human resources training has been shaped by a great number of articles published in recent decades. This study contributes to the literature by examining how this research is built on the basis of different intellectual frameworks and by identifying the relevant references, authors, topics, and journals. With this aim, we used bibliometric techniques to examine over 900 articles published between 1975 and 2016. We observed three publication periods that have shaped the evolu...
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Abstract The purpose of this study consists in analyzing the existing literature on international business from all the research papers published in Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS) during the period of time comprised between 2000 and 2015. The authors apply bibliometric methods to that end –in particular, document citation and co-citation analyses (DCAs)– so that they can try and identify the main research lines within the aforementioned scientific field or domain; in other word...
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Abstract This study aims to review the field of Entrepreneurship Education (EE). The review examines 325 scientific articles published in refereed scientific journals from 1987 to 2017. The SciMat software was used to conduct an analysis of performance indicators and science mapping visualizations. The performance analysis results identified some of the field's most active and influential articles, journals, and authors. The science mapping visualization of co-word analysis results revealed EE r...
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#2Fernando Ribeiro Serra (HSM)H-Index: 10
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This paper aims to conduct a bibliometric study on e-government research, with special concern over finding bases on which electronic government studies are constructed.,This paper is a bibliometric study using citation, co-citation and bibliometric coupling analysis, applied to 161 selected articles published in 37 top journals in public administration.,The paper presents existing knowledge on e-government research and provides a categorization in terms of research subfields. The 40 top-cited w...