The phenomenon of blogs and theoretical model of blog use in educational contexts

Published on Nov 1, 2008in Computers in Education
· DOI :10.1016/j.compedu.2007.12.005
Hyung Nam Kim6
Estimated H-index: 6
(VT: Virginia Tech)
Many educators have attempted to implement a blog in educational contexts to enhance the communication environment among students and teachers. However, it is uncertain as to why traditional computer-mediated communication (CMC) applications should be replaced with blogs. It is time to comprehensively explore the effects of educational blogs by considering the CMC tools. This paper reviews prior studies and develops a model for the use of blogs in educational contexts by taking into account socio-technical systems theory. The model contributes to interactivity, an open system, a visualization tool, and a decentralized environment of online communication circumstance.
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Web tutoring provides teachers with a variety of pedagogical options and is a convenient platform motivating learning materials for learners. This paper begins by retrieving relevant blog articles, and then integrating a learning map as a dynamic social learning model. Because these retrieved blog articles pertain to course materials, they can be used to promote learner engagement in their interactions with a learning map and hence, achieve their goals more easily. An experimental course has bee...
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This research explores students' perceptions of their learning while using Blackboard's asynchronous discussion board. It aims to understand through in-depth qualitative analysis how students perceive their construction of knowledge while using dialogue in an e-learning context. While attempting to comprehend the links between how a student perceives the use of dialogue and what they actually do in the learning task, the study explores individual constructions of knowledge in this environment, w...
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There may be limited resources for local government Web site designers to devote to innovative design. This study investigated current technology use by local government (Town of Blacksburg, TOE - Virginia) and suggests key design guidelines. Observation and interviews were used. Using recommendations in phase I, the TOE employed a blog that was investigated in phase II. The TOE incorporated traditional media with online to broadcast public meetings via TV and online. We suggested using indexed ...
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Current trends in the field of distance education indicate a shift in pedagogical perspectives and theoretical frameworks, with student interaction at the heart of learner‐centered constructivist environments. The purpose of this article is to explore the benefits of using emerging technology tools such as wikis, blogs, and podcasts to foster student interaction in online learning. It also reviews social software applications such as Writeboard™, InstaColl™, and Imeem™. Although emerging technol...
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BACKGROUND Health services researchers spend a substantial amount of time performing integration, cleansing, interpretation, and aggregation of raw data from multiple public or private data sources. Often, each researcher (or someone in their team) duplicates this effort for their own project, facing the same challenges and experiencing the same pitfalls discovered by those before them. OBJECTIVE This paper described a design process for creating a data warehouse that includes the most frequentl...
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#2Timothy Teo (Murdoch University)H-Index: 34
Last. Mingming Zhou (UM: University of Macau)H-Index: 13
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This large-scale study used the extended technology acceptance model to examine the different factors influencing Chinese university students’ intentions to use the Internet-based technology with a learning focus. Specifically, the subject norm was conceptualised as a three-dimensional construct consisting of teacher influence, peer influence and institutional support. The data were collected from 4561 university students from 16 universities in China. The results indicated that 64% of the varia...
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#1Işıl Günseli Kaçar (METU: Middle East Technical University)H-Index: 2
This longitudinal case study highlights 40 Turkish English as a foreign language (EFL) pre-service teachers’ perceptions regarding the impact of a collaborative blogging experience on their professional development from a constructivist and autonomy-inducing perspective in a Turkish blended learning environment. The data were collected via individual and group video reflections as well as via focus group interviews and analyzed through content analysis. Findings indicate numerous benefits of blo...
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ABSTRACTStudents’ skilful use of self-regulatory learning strategies is becoming fundamental to the advent of blog-based learning. Moreover, the use of Interaction Analysis (IA) in studying the lea...
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This study investigated the effect of cooperative learning and blog instruction in a culturally mixed group on decreasing intercultural communication apprehension. The study was implemented in clas...
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ABSTRACTThis study examines four elements of learner motivation, attention, relevance, confidence, and satisfaction, in an EFL speaking course that uses the computer mediated communication (CMC) to...
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#1Cheng-Min Chao (National Taichung University of Science and Technology)
#2Tai-Kuei Yu (National Quemoy University)
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to combine task-technology fit, theory of planned behaviour and individual technology optimism, and propose a better hybrid technology behavioural intention model to explain Taiwanese students’ usage behaviour for weblog learning. Design/methodology/approach A 31-item questionnaire with eight constructs was administered to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in three universities in Taiwan. A total of 380 voluntary, usable responses were received, an...
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Last. Gemma Tur (UIB: University of the Balearic Islands)H-Index: 6
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Abstract This study attempted to mitigate the gap in literature concerning the use of social media for active collaborative learning and engagement and its effect on the research students' learning performance in the context of Malaysia. A questionnaire based on Constructivism Theory and the Technology Acceptance Model was employed as the main data collection method, which was distributed to 723 research students in five Malaysian research universities. Based on the obtained results, male and fe...
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