Thyroglobulin Reference Values in a Pediatric Infant Population

Published on Nov 1, 2007in Thyroid7.786
· DOI :10.1089/thy.2007.0059
Gabriela Sobrero6
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Liliana Muñoz6
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+ 6 AuthorsMirta Miras8
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Few reports have addressed normal serum thyroglobulin (Tg) values in newborns and infants. In the present study, serum Tg was measured in 228 normal children (110 females and 118 males) aged from 3 to 180 days of life, all presenting normal age-related serum thyrotropin (thyroid-stimulating hormone [TSH]) values and negative anti-Tg and antithyroperoxidase antibodies. Serum Tg was measured by Radioimmunoassay (RIA) (two methods) and Immunometricassay (IMA) (three methods). Mean Tg values measured by the five methods exhibited among-method biases, although a significant positive correlation was observed. Serum Tg levels measured by the five methods showed a correlation with age, but not with TSH or gender. During the first days of life, relatively high mean Tg levels were observed, which progressively decreased until they reached a plateau. Therefore, with the aim of establishing reference values, the population was separated into two age groups: from 3 to 15 days of life (group A) and from 16 to 180 days ...
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#1Dov Tiosano (Boston Children's Hospital)H-Index: 22
#2Lea Even (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)H-Index: 5
Last. Zeev Hochberg (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)H-Index: 49
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Context: A modern approach to congenital hypothyroidism requires a definitive diagnosis of the underlying mechanisms; this can be achieved within the first weeks of life. When uncertainty persists, treatment is commenced, and the definitive diagnosis of congenital hypothyroidism is deferred to the age of 3 yr. Objectives: The interruption of thyroid replacement treatment is perceived as risky by parents and physicians. The aim of this pilot study was to test the possibility of a definitive diagn...
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#1Carole A. Spencer (SC: University of Southern California)H-Index: 45
#2L. M. Bergoglio (SC: University of Southern California)H-Index: 1
Last. Jonathan S. LoPresti (SC: University of Southern California)H-Index: 21
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Context: Changes in thyroglobulin (Tg) and/or Tg antibody (TgAb) methods can disrupt the serial monitoring of differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC) patients. Objective: This study compared Tg measurements made in TgAb-negative and TgAb-positive sera using four RIA and 10 immunometric assay (IMA) methods. Design: TgAb detection using a panel of 12 direct methods was contrasted with four Tg recovery tests. Sera from 110 normal euthyroid subjects (68 TgAb negative/42 TgAb positive) and 131 TgAb-ne...
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Congenital hypothyroidism is the most common neonatal metabolic disorder and results in severe neurodevelopmental impairment and infertility if untreated. Congenital hypothyroidism is usually sporadic but up to 2% of thyroid dysgenesis is familial, and congenital hypothyroidism caused by organification defects is often recessively inherited. The candidate genes associated with this genetically heterogeneous disorder form two main groups: those causing thyroid gland dysgenesis and those causing d...
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#1Ernest L. Mazzaferri (UF: University of Florida)H-Index: 57
#2Richard J. Robbins (MSK: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)H-Index: 44
Last. Aldo Pinchera (UniPi: University of Pisa)H-Index: 96
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Recent studies have provided new information regarding the optimal surveillance protocols for low-risk patients with differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC). This article summarizes the main issues brought out in a consensus conference of thyroid cancer specialists who analyzed and discussed this new data. There is growing recognition of the value of serum thyroglobulin (Tg) as part of routine surveillance. An undetectable serum Tg measured during thyroid hormone suppression of TSH (THST) is often m...
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#1Annette Grüters (Humboldt University of Berlin)H-Index: 52
#2Heike Biebermann (Humboldt University of Berlin)H-Index: 38
Last. Heiko Krude (Humboldt University of Berlin)H-Index: 26
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Congenital hypothyroidism is the most prevalent endocrine disorder in the newborn and affects 1 in 3,000–4,000 newborns. Screening for congenital hypothyroidism is a major achievement of paediatrics b
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#1Peter Andreas Kopp (NU: Northwestern University)H-Index: 42
Congenital hypothyroidism affects about 1:3000 to 1:4000 infants and may be caused by defects in thyroidal ontogeny or hormone synthesis. The impressive advances in molecular genetics led to the characterization of numerous genes that are essential for normal development and hormone production of the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis. Mutations in many of these genes now provide a molecular explanation for a subset of the sporadic and familial forms of congenital hypothyroidism. Defects in one...
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Measurement of serum thyroglobulin (Tg) by immunoassay is used to monitor the treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer. An understanding of the disease process and the biochemistry of Tg allows the laboratory to determine the characteristics of suitable Tg assays. There are a number of key analytical issues: standardization, long-term assay stability, minimum detection limit, working range and the effect of endogenous Tg antibodies (TgAb). There are signiecant limitations to the methods used t...
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#1Nicolau Lima (USP: University of São Paulo)H-Index: 9
#2H. Cavaliere (USP: University of São Paulo)H-Index: 10
Last. Geraldo Medeiros-Neto (USP: University of São Paulo)H-Index: 33
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Serial weekly serum samples (for 3 weeks) were obtained from 42 patients with differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC, papillary no.=35, follicular no.=6, Hurthle cell no.=1) for serum thyroid hormone, TSH and TG before and after total thyroidectomy. Serum specimens were also obtained one month after radioiodine (131I) therapy followed by suppressive dose of L-thyroxine (L-T4, 2.5 μg/kg). The patients were subdivided into four groups: group I: the DTC was confined to a single solid nodule (no.=12); g...
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Background: The use of recovery tests has been proposed to disclose interferences from anti-thyroglobulin antibodies (TgAbs) in thyroglobulin (Tg) assays. We studied the value of a recovery test in Tg measurement by a new commercial IRMA. Methods: Blood samples were collected from 153 patients with untreated Graves disease. Tg and TgAbs were measured by IRMA and RIA, respectively (Dynotest Tg-plus and Dynotest anti-Tgn; Brahms Diagnostica). The recoveries of added amounts of Tg were calculated f...
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#1Yui Watanabe (UM: University of Miami)H-Index: 1
#2Erin F. Sharwood (UQ: University of Queensland)H-Index: 1
Last. E WeissRoy (UM: University of Miami)H-Index: 54
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Congenital hypothyroidism (CH) has an incidence of approximately 1:3000, but only 15% have mutations in the thyroid hormone synthesis pathways. Genetic analysis allows for the precise diagnosis. A 3-week old girl presented with a large goiter, serum TSH > 100 mIU/L (reference range: 0.7–5.9 mIU/L); free T4 A, p.Gly2322Ser, which was subsequently confirmed by Sanger sequencing and present in one allele of both parents. DNA samples from 354 alleles in four Sudanese ethnic groups (Nilotes, Darfuria...
#1Hye Rim Chung (Seoul National University Bundang Hospital)H-Index: 7
Adrenal and thyroid hormones are essential for the regulation of intrauterine homeostasis, and for the timely differentiation and maturation of fetal organs. These hormones play complex roles during fetal life, and are believed to underlie the cellular communication that coordinates maternal-fetal interactions. They serve to modulate the functional adaptation for extrauterine life during the perinatal period. The pathophysiology of systemic vasopressor-resistant hypotension is associated with lo...
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#1Rosalind S BrownH-Index: 1
Thyroid hormone is essential for the growth and maturation of many target tissues, including the brain and skeleton. As a result, abnormalities of thyroid gland function in infancy and childhood result not only in the metabolic consequences of thyroid dysfunction seen in adult patients, but in unique effects on the growth and /or maturation of these thyroid hormone-dependent tissues as well. In most instances, there are critical windows of time for thyroid hormone-dependent development and so th...
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#1Sureka BollepalliH-Index: 2
#2Susan R. RoseH-Index: 40
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#1Juan Pablo Nicola (National University of Cordoba)H-Index: 14
#2Magalí Nazar (National University of Cordoba)H-Index: 5
Last. Ana María Masini-Repiso (National University of Cordoba)H-Index: 15
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Context: Iodide transport defect (ITD) is an autosomal recessive disorder caused by impaired Na+/I− symporter (NIS)-mediated active iodide accumulation into thyroid follicular cells. Clinical manifestations comprise a variable degree of congenital hypothyroidism and goiter, and low to absent radioiodide uptake, as determined by thyroid scintigraphy. Hereditary molecular defects in NIS have been shown to cause ITD. Objective: Our objective was to perform molecular studies on NIS in a patient with...
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#1Alida Melse-Boonstra (WUR: Wageningen University and Research Centre)H-Index: 22
#2Nidhi Jaiswal (St. John's University)H-Index: 5
Iodine deficiency during foetal development and early childhood is associated with cognitive impairment. Randomised clinical studies in school-aged children encountered in the literature indicate that cognitive performance can be improved by iodine supplementation, but most studies suffer from methodological constraints. Tests to assess cognitive performance in the domains that are potentially affected by iodine deficiency need to be refined. Maternal iodine supplementation in areas of mild-to-m...
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#1Satoshi Narumi (Keio: Keio University)H-Index: 13
#2Koji MuroyaH-Index: 25
Last. Tomonobu Hasegawa (Keio: Keio University)H-Index: 39
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Context: The prevalence of congenital hypothyroidism (CH) associated with mutations in the TSH receptor gene (TSHR) has not been established. Objective: We examined the frequency of TSHR mutations among patients with permanent primary CH and in the general population in Japan. Subjects and Methods: We enrolled 102 patients with permanent primary CH [70 with “moderate to severe CH” (TSH, ≥10 mU/liter) and 32 with “mild CH” (TSH, 5–10 mU/liter)], who were identified through newborn screening among...
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#1Elif Karakoc (Marmara University)H-Index: 2
#2Serap Turan (Marmara University)H-Index: 24
Last. Abdullah Bereket (Marmara University)H-Index: 27
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Aims: To investigate the frequency of thyroid dysgenesis (TD) in first-degree relatives of TD cases. Methods: 244 first-degree relatives of 82 TD cases were scree
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