Is measles vaccination a risk factor for inflammatory bowel disease

Published on Apr 1, 1995in The Lancet59.102
· DOI :10.1016/S0140-6736(95)90816-1
N.P Thompson9
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Roy E. Pounder50
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Abstract Measles virus may persist in intestinal tissue, particularly that affected by Crohn's disease, and early exposure to measles may be a risk factor for the development of Crohn's disease. Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis occur in the same families and may share a common aetiology. In view of the rising incidence of inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis), we examined the impact of measles vaccination upon these conditions. Prevalences of Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, coeliac disease, and peptic ulceration were determined in 3545 people who had received live measles vaccine in 1964 as part of a measles vaccine trial. A longitudinal birth cohort of 11407 subjects was one unvaccinated comparison cohort, and 2541 partners of those vaccinated was another. Compared with the birth cohort, the relative risk of developing Crohn's disease in the vaccinated group was 3·01 (95% Cl 1·45-6·23) and of developing ulcerative colitis was 2·53 (1·15-5·58). There was no significant difference between these two groups in coeliac disease prevalence. Increased prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease, but not coeliac disease or peptic ulceration, was found in the vaccinated cohort compared with their partners. These findings suggest that measles virus may play a part in the development not only of Crohn's disease but also of ulcerative colitis.
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Objective : To determine whether exposure to a measles epidemic in utero or in infancy is a risk factor for the development of Crohn's disease, and to determine whether such an association can be found in individuals with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE), a condition in which early infection with measles is known to be of aetiological importance. Methods : A postal questionnaire was sent to 16875 members of two national inflammatory bowel disease patient support groups. A control group...
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Abstract Background/Aims Infectious agents have long been suspected of playing a role in the initiation of Crohn's disease. The objective of this study was to search for likely microbial agents in diseased tissues using immunocytochemical techniques. Methods Intestines and mesenteric lymph node specimens of 21 patients from two French families with a high frequency of Crohn's disease and from Connecticut were studied. The microbial agents searched for included Bacteroides vulgatus, Borrelia burg...
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This study sought to investigate persistent measles virus infection of the intestine: a novel protocol for immunogold electron microscopy was developed using a polyclonal anti-measles nucleoprotein antibody on reprocessed, formalin fixed paraffin wax embedded tissue sections. Antibody binding was detected using both immunoperoxidase and light microscopy on tissue sections, and 10 nm gold conjugated secondary antibody and electron microscopy on ultrathin sections. The techniques were validated us...
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The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Study Group at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine has tested the hypothesis that the primary pathological abnormality in Crohn's disease is in the mesenteric blood supply. Early morphological studies involved arterial perfusion-fixation and either resin casting and scanning electron microscopy or vascular immunostaining of resected intestine affected by Crohn's disease. Granulomatous and lymphocytic damage to intramural blood vessels, even in macroscopicall...
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Using immunofluorescence (IF), we investigated reactive antigens present in Crohn's disease patients with monoclonal antibodies derived from cells infected with measles virus, but not with the subacute sclerosing panencephalitis virus. During immunoblotting, one monoclonal antibody (mAb 86) reacted with a polypeptide with a molecular weight of 36 000 dalton (M; matrix protein) in measles virus-infected cells. This monoclonal antibody displayed a positive reaction only with tissues from patients ...
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Abstract Summary Although the aetiology of Crohn's disease is unknown, morphological and epidemiological studies have implicated measles virus as a potential component cause, particularly when exposure occurs in utero or early in life. An increased incidence of Crohn's disease among people born during measles epidemics would support this hypothesis. We identified all individuals born in four counties in central Sweden in 1945-54 who had had Crohn's disease diagnosed before the age of 30 years. Y...
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SUMMARY In 1964, the Medical Research Council undertook a trial of measles vaccine in over 36000 United Kingdom children; 9577 of whom received live vaccine, 10625 received inactivated followed by live vaccines, and 16328 acted as unvaccinated controls. Participants in this study have been followed to determine the long term protection from measles vaccine and follow-up data were available on 4194, 4638 and 274 respectively. During the 5-year period 1986-90, the protective efficacy of live measl...
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This year is the 50 th anniversary of the reduction in measles in the USA, following introduction of general vaccination, but also the 20 th anniversary of a now retracted research paper that suggested a link between the measles–mumps–rubella (MMR) vaccination and autism, which contributed to falling vaccination rates and re‐emergence of measles cases globally.
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Institution of National Bodies on Ethics in Science, strict selection criteria, robust peer-reviewing, careful statistical validation, anti-plagiarism software, and image fraud detection contribute to production of high-quality manuscripts. However, scientific misconduct (fraud) still remains a considerable issue that can take many forms, at times difficult to recognize promptly. Even though clamorous examples occasionally appear in the media, detection of fraud in medical publishing is most of ...
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#1Andrea Grignolio (Sapienza University of Rome)H-Index: 4
Data, harsh data, are the only thing that count, we could say, paraphrasing a famous quotation from Stendhal’s The Red and the Black about the truth. At a time like the present, when we are submerged by information by media, it is not at all easy to find our way around to distinguish between what is true and what is false, in the sense of reported untruthfully or partially, or even fictive, in the sense of fake or fabricated. For my generation, which saw it come into being, the Internet has been...
Numerous environmental factors have been linked with inflammatory bowel disease. These include smoking, diet, hygiene, drugs, geographical and psychosocial factors. These factors may either increase the risk of or protect against developing this condition and can also affect the course of illness in a positive or negative manner. A number of studies have examined the influence of environmental factors on inflammatory bowel diseases as a whole as well as on ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease ...
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#1Talha A. Malik (UAB: University of Alabama at Birmingham)H-Index: 5
Abstract Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) describes a group of closely related yet heterogeneous predominantly intestinal disease processes that are a result of an uncontrolled immune mediated inflammatory response. It is estimated that approximately one and a half million persons in North America have IBD. Pathogenesis of IBD involves an uncontrolled immune mediated inflammatory response in genetically predisposed individuals to a still unknown environmental trigger that interacts with the inte...
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Background & Aims Environmental factors may play a key role in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Whether vaccination is associated causally with IBD is controversial. We performed a meta-analysis of case–control and cohort studies on the association between vaccination and the risk for IBD. Methods Studies and abstracts investigating the relationship between vaccination and subsequent risk for developing IBD were reviewed. Childhood or adult immunizations with any vaccine typ...
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#1Deborah OrpinH-Index: 1
This thesis reports a study into aspects of the discourse concerning the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) triple vaccine. The aim of the thesis is to contribute to knowledge about the ways in which debates about science are enacted in the public sphere. The study uses a corpus-assisted discourse studies (CADS) approach to examine key lexico-grammatical patterns in the JABS corpus, a corpus of texts gathered from the website of the vaccine-critical Justice Awareness and Basic Support (JABS) group...
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