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"Nets for social safety: an analysis of the growth and changing composition of social security programmes in the fisheries sector of Kerala State, India"

Nets for Social Safety is a first –of –its-kind study, specially commissioned by the International Collective in Support of Fishworkers, to focus on the growth and changing composition of social security provisions in the fisheries sector of Kerala, a small coastal State in southwest India. John Kurien and Antonyto Paul, the authors of the study, enumerate the achievements and problems confronted by a developing maritime State in trying to ensure that a section of its population, which are initially left out of the development process, is netted back into the mainstream. They show how, in Kerala, this process was not only the result of enlightened State policy, but also, more importantly, the result of the collective action by fishworkers themselves. (76pp.) Among the many insights that can be gleaned from the study, one significant conclusion is that, even with limited means, a developing State can conceive and implement innovative social security.
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"A Study on the Availability and Utili sation of Microcredit in the Traditional Fisheries Sector of Kerala, India"
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(Central Institute of Fisheries Technology),
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Microcredit from microfinance institutions is increasingly common in India and is used for activities from simple thrift to credit support for income generating activities. In coastal fishing communities, a large number of microfinance initiatives are acti
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"securing economic, social and cultural rights of small-scale and artisanal fisherworkers and fishing communities"Given the international consensus on achieving human rights, the paper stresses that committed action to realizing the human rights of fishing communities, as indeed of all vital, yet marginalized groups and communities, is really not a matter of choice. It is an obligation. The paper provides concrete proposals for securing social, economic and cultural rights of small-scale fishing communities. ...
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