The role and efficacy of generic learning and study support: what is the experience and perspective of academic staff?

Richard Anthony Bailey2
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The importance of student learning and study support is now widely recognised in higher education but empirical research into this aspect of teaching and learning is still limited in scope. In particular the experience, perceptions and understandings of academic staff constitutes a perspective which seems under-explored. This paper presents the findings of a qualitative study in this area undertaken in one institutional context. Data are presented which illustrate academic staff attitudes to, and beliefs about learning and study support and the effects of institutional practices and priorities on how this type of provision is framed and delivered. The findings have implications for the challenge of learning development in higher education.
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#1Ursula Wingate ('KCL': King's College London)H-Index: 11
In this paper, a framework for developing first-year students’ learning is proposed. Its aim is to increase university managers’ and teachers’ awareness of two issues: (1) that the currently predominant ‘skills’ approaches to the enhancement of student learning are based on a deficiency model and achieve little more than remedying the overt problems of individual students and (2) that a holistic,subject-specific approach is needed to support all students in the complex process of learning to lea...
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#1Tamsin Haggis (University of Stirling)H-Index: 7
Growing concerns about retention and attrition rates in a mass and increasingly marketised higher education system have encouraged the idea that ‘meeting learner needs’ should be a key focus for institutional attention. It is suggested that this approach is unrealistic, however, because of the extent of the diversity which it attempts to respond to. An alternative response is to move away from the individualised focus on needs, deficits and ‘support’, towards a consideration of ‘activities, patt...
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#1Ursula Wingate ('KCL': King's College London)H-Index: 11
This paper argues that the widespread approach to enhancing student learning through separate study skills courses is ineffective, and that the term ‘study skills’ itself has misleading implications, which are counterproductive to learning. The main argument is that learning how to study effectively at university cannot be separated from subject content and the process of learning. The role of ‘study skills’ within universities’ skills frameworks, and as a component of students’ long-term develo...
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#1Mantz YorkeH-Index: 35
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#1Susan OrrH-Index: 11
#2Margo BlythmanH-Index: 7
In this chapter, we describe two approaches that exist in the UK framing discussions of student writing development in higher education. The first one is known as the ‘academic literacies’ approach and the second one can be referred to, as the ‘standards are falling’ approach. Our own research locates within the former paradigm. We then describe the context within which we work at the London Institute and we problematise the discourse that subject lecturers use to describe study support. The fin...
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#1Kathy DurkinH-Index: 1
#2Andrew Main (BU: Bournemouth University)H-Index: 1
Universities are expected to align their programmes with the new Quality Assurance Agency National Qualifications framework by the start of the academic year 2003–2004 (QAA 01). QAA have identified a number of ‘intellect’ and ‘transferable’ skills in their guidelines, which they regard as essential to develop atall levels of higher education. They define ‘intellect’ skills as including analysis, synthesis, evaluation and problem-solving. Transferable skills include communication (oral and writte...
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#1Margo BlythmanH-Index: 7
#2Susan OrrH-Index: 11
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#1Theresa LillisH-Index: 20
Student Writing presents an accessible and thought-provoking study of academic writing practices. Informed by 'composition' research from the US and 'academic literacies studies'from the UK, the book challenges current official discourse on writing as a 'skill'. Lillis argues for an approach which sees student writing as social practice. The book draws extensively on a three-year study with ten non-traditional students in higher education and their experience of academic writing. Using case-stud...
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#1Neville BennettH-Index: 14
#2Elisabeth DunneH-Index: 8
Last. Clive CarréH-Index: 3
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Higher education in the United Kingdom (UK) has undergone significant change during the 1990s in response to demands from both government and employers for graduates to have gained the competences, skills and attitudes to enable them to contribute to the advancement of the economy. This document reports on a study that sought to increase understanding of the acquisition and development of generic skills in both higher education and the workplace, from the perspective of the university teachers, ...
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#1Richard FennH-Index: 1
#2Clifford GeertzH-Index: 51
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#1Tessa Green (Macquarie University)
#2Joshua Dymock (Macquarie University)
Last. Carol Beth Floyd (Macquarie University)H-Index: 2
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The widening participation agenda and the growing numbers of international students has led to a growing need for centralised academic language and learning (ALL) support for students in Australian universities. One of the challenges that these units face is providing equitable and sustainable models of academic literacy assistance across the university. Support situated within the disciplines is widely espoused in the literature but can lead to inequities, with some students receiving extensive...
Denna artikel behandlar ett aktionsforskningsprojekt, dar en grupp universitetslarare fran olika discipliner reflekterar over och successivt utokar sin kunskap om hur larare kan stodja studenter i att utveckla sitt skrivande, lasande och kritiska tankande integrerat. Projektet genomfordes inom ramen for en "forskningscirkel " (Bergman 2014), dar lararna involverades i en kontinuerlig dialog dar erfarenhetsbaserad och forskningsbaserad kunskap kunde motas. Den tva ar langa processen delades in i ...
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#1Hsiang-Yee Lo (NCKU: National Cheng Kung University)H-Index: 2
#2Gi-Zen Liu (NCKU: National Cheng Kung University)H-Index: 17
Last. Tzone-I Wang (NCKU: National Cheng Kung University)H-Index: 13
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Genre-based writing instruction (GBWI) has been used for English journal paper writing both in classroom teaching and in the development of materials utilizing move analysis and corpus-based analysis. Some writing systems and tutorials have also been developed to improve the writing of non-native English speakers (NNES), as well as to assist academics and researchers for their publications. However, most of these systems had been developed for certain aspects of academic journal writing, such as...
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Middlesex University, Mauritius Branch Campus was setup in 2010, and as any credible British higher education institution, its aim has been to improve studentsA¢â‚¬â„¢ learning as well as studentsA¢â‚¬â„¢ experience. One such venture has been the creation of the Student Learning Assistant (SLA) scheme. The pilot project was run from January 2013 to May 2013 and the scheme is ongoing for the new academic year which started in September 2013. The purpose of this reflective paper is to explain thor...
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Artikeln tar sin utgangspunkt i ett aktionsforskningsprojekt dar en grupp hogskolelarare fran olika discipliner reflekterar over och gradvis vidgar sin kunskap om hur de kan stodja studenters akademiska literacy-utveckling. Syftet med att beforska gruppens arbete var att forsta hur det kollaborativa arbete kan anvandas som resurs i att utmana deltagarnas initiala forestallningar. Resultatet visar att deltagarnas erfarenhetsbaserade kunskaper spelar en signifikant roll vid sidan av den forsknings...
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#1Ursula Wingate ('KCL': King's College London)H-Index: 11
This chapter presents three approaches to supporting undergraduate and postgraduate students in the development of their academic literacy. The approaches were designed and evaluated as part of a writing development project which aimed to move away from the predominantly generic and unequally distributed provision of writing instruction at UK universities. In view of various writing theories, one objective of the project was to find a balance between text-focused instruction and the development ...
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#1Sally Ashton-HayH-Index: 5
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#1Ursula Wingate ('KCL': King's College London)H-Index: 11
#2Christopher Tribble ('KCL': King's College London)H-Index: 9
This article is a review of two dominant approaches to academic writing instruction in higher education, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), which is used internationally, and Academic Literacies, which has become an influential model in the UK. The review was driven by a concern that Academic Literacies has been mainly focused on the situations of ‘non-traditional’ students, and has not sufficiently acknowledged the theoretical and pedagogical potential of EAP for developing a mainstream instr...
87 CitationsSource