Public Finance and Public Policy

Published on Dec 21, 2004
Jonathan Gruber69
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PART I: BACKGROUND - Why Study Public Finance - Theoretical Tools of Public Finance - Empirical Tools of Public Finance - Tools of Budget Analysis - PART II: EXTERNALITIES AND PUBLIC GOODS - Externalities: Problems and Solutions - Externalities in Action: Environmental and Health Externalities - Public Goods: Problems and Solutions - Cost/Benefit Analysis - Implementing Public Goods: Political Economy and Public Choice - State and Local Government Expenditures - Public Goods in Action: Education - PART III: SOCIAL INSURANCE AND REDISTRIBUTION - Social Insurance - Social Security - Unemployment Insurance, Workers' Compensation and Disability Insurance - Health Insurance I: Health Economics and Private Health Insurance - Health Insurance II: Medicare and Medicaid - Income Distribution and Welfare - PART IV: TAXATION IN THEORY AND PRACTICE - Taxation in the U.S. and Around the World - The Equity Implications of Taxation-Tax Incidence - Inefficiencies and Their Implications for Optimal Taxation - Taxes on Labor Supply - Taxation of Savings - Taxes on Risk Taking and Wealth - Issues of Corporate Taxation - Tax Reform
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