Applications of Case Study Research

Published on Jan 1, 1993
Robert K. Yin14
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Theory The Role of Theory in Doing Case Studies What is the Case Study Method? What is the Role of Theory in Doing Case Studies Exploratory Case Studies Case Selection and Screening: Criteria and Procedures Causal Case Studies I: Factor Theories Causal Case Studies II: Explanatory Theories Descriptive Scase Studies Conclusions Descriptive Case Studies A Case Study of a Neighborhood Organization Initiation and Structure of the Organization Revitalization Activities and Their Support Relationship to Voluntary Associations and Networks Relationship to City Government Outcomes List of Respondents and Annotated Bibliography Computer Implementation in a Local School System The Computer System in Operation Organizational Issues Explanatory Case Studies A Nutshell Example: The Effect of a Federal Award on a University Computer Science Department Essential Ingredients of Explanatory Case Studies: Three Drug Prevention Examples Simplified Case Example No. 1: "Town Meetings Galvanize Action Against Drug Dealing" Simplified Case Example No. 2: "Interagency Collaboration to Reduce BWI Incidents" Simplified Case Example No. 3: "Designated Driver Program, Delivered Through Vendors" "Transforming" a Business Firm Through Strategic Planning Company Profile and Conditions Leading to Change Strategic Plan Transforms the Business Chronology Sheriff's Combined Auto Theft Task Force The Practice and Its Funding Implementation of the Practice Outcomes to Date Chronology Cross-Case Analyses Technical Assistance for HIV/AIDS Community Planning Defining a Framework for Assessing the Effectiveness of Technical Assistance (TA) Documented Outcomes, Varieties of TA Studied and Possible Rival Explanations for the Outcomes Findings on Individual Hypotheses Regarding Reasons for Successful TA Delivery Proposal Processing by Public and Private Universities Introduction to the Study The Time Needed to Process and Submit Proposals Costs of Preparing Proposals Case Studies of Transformed Firms Why Study Transformed Firms? What is a Transformed Firm? What Kind of Transformation Did the Firms Experience? Did the Transformations Share Common Conditions Summary: General Lessons About Transformed Firms About the author
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Laura Karl1
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Judith Orth1
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(Walden University)
Despite the availability of technological resources, the number of teachers integrating and using technology innovatively in the classroom is unknown. This investigation explored teachers' perceptions of proficiency in the use of computer technology in the classroom. Self-determination theory assisted the examination of motivation as decisions are made to integrate technology into the classroom curriculum. A qualitative, multiple case study design was used to explore the views of 10 technology-u...
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Published on Jan 1, 2008in Journal of Negro Education
Cirecie West-Olatunji12
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Linda S. Behar-Horenstein14
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+ 1 AuthorsLakechia N. Cohen-Phillips1
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Researchers investigated if early childhood teachers could become reflective practitioners when they studied culturally specific constructs within a digital collegial environment. Three female African American early childhood teachers within three different settings (a faith-based primary school, a home school, and a government-funded pre-school agency) developed mini-research projects using a mediated form of Lesson Study. Data consisted of teachers' electronic mail, application artifacts, sync...
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Published on Apr 1, 1997in Tradition
Tsui Ming-sum2
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(Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
This case study explores the development of a six-year-old Chinese boy of an immigrant family from Hong Kong, who was placed in a new physical, social and cultural context: Canada. In this study, the following four themes are adopted to explain the relevant changes: changes of space and time, changes of roles and relationship, changes of networks and media, and changes of status and identity. During the research process, it was found that if there is support from the family and the school, the a...
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Published on Jan 1, 2010in Kuram Ve Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri
Hatice Zeynep Inan1
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Abstract One of the requirements of the twenty-first century is raising a child who is an explorer and who can solve problems rather than being able to memorize facts. One of the indispensible foundations of exploring and problem-solving is having scientific process skills and being able to use them effectively. In order to raise little scientists with a researcher soul and research skills, teachers should be qualified as well. They should know "how" to give their students "what" about scientifi...
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Published on Jan 1, 2013 in Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems
Taimur Ahad , Laurel Evelyn Dyson9
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(University of Technology, Sydney)
There is relatively little known about the m-banking use by the rural small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Bangladesh. This research fills the gap by presenting the key advantages of using mbanking by the rural SMEs that a bank can offer in Bangladesh. The research also reports on the critical country level-factors, organizational success factors and obstacles in m-banking adoption for rural SMEs. A focus group was interviewed and the data were analysed using NVivo9.The findings indicate that ...
Published on Jan 1, 2002in Communications of The Ais
Mihir A. Parikh3
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(New York University)
Educators are increasingly incorporating the development of research case studies as a course assignment in graduate and executive degree courses. Each student (or student group) develops a research case study that provides theory-based explanation and discussion of how a real organization managed a business issue related to the course. In the process, the student gains a deeper understanding of business theories and their applications as well as current business issues and their interactions wi...
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Susan R. Warren3
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Beth B. Higbee1
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This research reveals the type of support that is imperative for principals working with external agents in lowperforming urban schools as required by federal and state legislation. Nine principals, in four urban districts, two aided by one external agency and seven aided by another, were followed in year-long case studies. Mixed methods for data collection, including interviews, school site visits, professional development evaluations, surveys, and focus groups, were used along with anecdotal m...
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Zoran Mitrovic3
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Mymoena Sharif1
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+ 2 AuthorsHarold Wesso1
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Introduction The establishment and development of the Internet and other information and communication technologies (ICT) in recent decades, represents a material foundation for networked society, often referred to as Information Society or Knowledge Economies--here named as Knowledge Society. Creating such a technology-supported society that can be increasingly self-reliant, socially cohesive and equitable, involves fundamentally new ways of thinking, working and living. It requires the buildin...
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Published on Jan 1, 1996
Ritu Agarwal45
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Mohan Tanniru20
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Although business process reengineering is a major corporate initiative today, the success rate of reengineering projects has been less than ideal. In an attempt to better understand the dynamics underlying this phenomenon, process reengineering is viewed as an organizational innovation. Based upon existing taxonomies of innovations, it is characterized as a radical, administrative, process innovation. Drawing upon prior research in the management of such innovations, we postulate that a lack of...
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บทคดยอ พยาบาลมบทบาททสำคญในการจดการความเจบปวดหลงผาตดของผปวยเดก เนองจากพยาบาลเปนผดแลผปวยเดกตลอด 24 ชวโมง จงมโอกาสในการประเมนและบรรเทาความเจบปวดของผปวยเดก อยางไรกตาม ยงมความรและความเขาใจทจำกดวาพยาบาลจดการตอความเจบปวดหลงผาตดในผปวยเดกอยางองครวมอยางไรและทำไมจงปฏบตเชนนน รวมทงปฏสมพนธระหวางพยาบาลกบแพทยหรอผดแลเปนอยางไร การศกษานจงมวตถประสงคเพอบรรยายการจดการของพยาบาลตอความเจบปวดหลงผาตดของผปวยเดกในสถานการณทเกดขนจรงในบรบทของหอผปวยไอซยศลยกรรมเดกและหอผปวยศลยกรรมเดก การวจยกรณศกษาเชงบรรยายน ไดใชรปแบบการศกษาแบบองค...
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