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Seven goals for the design of constructivist learning environments

Published on Jan 1, 1996
P. C. Honebein1
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An elastomeric lamp base fastened to a vehicle body surface seals a protective cavity into which conductors extend. Conductive contact elements embedded in the base body for electrical power and ground paths from different terminal socket locations adapted to accommodate different types of lamp units. A resilient rim on the base releasably holds the lamp unit firmly seated in the base with the lamp terminals received in the appropriate socket formations.
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Published on Jan 1, 2011
Jandy E Luik1
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(Petra Christian University),
Gatut Priyowidodo1
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The purpose of this paper is to measure user’s responses of the New Media application. An application, called CD Interaktif, is installed to the Museum Mpu Tantular of East Java. In measuring the responses, a survey was conducted to the user of CD Interaktif. The finding shows that user encounter difficulties in accessing the application, user has received acceptable knowledge, and shows expectations from the respected application.
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Published on Jan 1, 2007in Journal of Universal Computer Science 1.07
Gustavo Zurita13
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Pedro Antunes17
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+ 1 AuthorsFelipe Baytelman6
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This invention relates to a louver shutter with movable louver boards in which a set of adjustable louver boards capable of opening and closing are aligned in one side, the upper part, or lower part of the panel of a louver shutter or door, thereby to permit good ventilation, lighting and shielding of the room, to serve security purpose, and to prevent entry of rain water and harmful insects into the room. This invention provides a very practical and inexpensive louver shutter of simple mechanis...
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Published on Jan 1, 2007
Sharyn Rundle-Thiele22
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Kerri Louise Kuhn1
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Research on student engagement suggests courses that involve students in challenging, authentic tasks linking students to their peers and educators are associated with high levels of engagement. This paper presents an assessment innovation within a first year marketing course that was designed to promote student engagement. Currently in its pilot stage, the ‘Get Marketer Challenge’ is a constructively aligned, authentic assessment task; requiring student teams to solve a real-world marketing pro...
Published on Jan 1, 2000
Janette R. Hill16
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(University of Georgia),
Thomas C. Reeves42
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(University of Georgia),
Heike Heidemeier1
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(University of Georgia)
Compositions and methods of making photographic one-part bleach-fix liquid concentrates, packaged in a single unit, wherein the bleaching agent is a polyvalent metal oxidizing agent are described. A thiocyanate salt is added in an amount sufficient to provide one-part bleach-fix liquid concentrates that are homogeneous, remain free of crystallized precipitates for extended periods of time, and that retain effective oxidizing potential during extended periods of storage. Alternatively, the presen...
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Published on Jan 1, 2008
The feeling of ownership is a topic of research that has not been addressed as a component in the integration of technology in the K-12 classroom. The effectiveness of this abstract concept in relationship to digital computing is important in the evaluation of one-to-one initiatives in education. This paper reports findings of a research study conducted using a new ownership survey instrument I developed, the Laptop Usage Inventory (LUI). Also administered during the study was the Student Attitu...
Published on Sep 19, 2017in Education Libraries
Kym Buchanan1
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Angela M. Vanden Elzen1
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We believe video games have a place in libraries. We start by describing two provocative video games. Next, we offer a framework for the general mission of libraries, including access, motivation, and guidance. As a medium, video games have some distinguishing traits: they are visual, interactive, and based on simulations. We explain how these traits require and reward some traditional and new literacies. Furthermore, people play video games for at least three reasons: immersion, challenge, and ...
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Published on Jan 1, 2005
Kenneth David Strang1
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Online learning appeals to busy professionals and project managers (PMs) since demands from work, family, and personal interests compete with the desire to engage learning and finish courses. The thesis critically analyzes adult learning literature, then
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Published on Jan 1, 2002
Rema Rossini Favretti1
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(University of Bologna)
An optical apparatus has an imaging optical system including an optical element system which undergoes changes in shape and refractive index by temperature or humidity. This optical apparatus is provided with at least one set of a light-emitting element and a light-receiving element so that a beam of light emitted from the light-emitting element is received by said light-receiving element, and has a function of presuming a shift of an imaging position caused by the changes in shape and refractiv...
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